Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mission Call Update

Still nothing to report.  The mission call did not come in the mail today.   Still Waiting!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What is the Definition of Anticipation?


 noun \(ˌ)an-ˌti-sə-ˈpā-shən\
: a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen
: Waiting for a Mission Call.

Still not here... Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Daniel's Family Predictions

Ella was the one who picked the correct place Jaren would go on his mission.  Will she have a repeat?

Ella, Taiwan, California
Ashley, England or Tississippi (that's how she says it:)
Tessa, Ft Worth, Texas, Chile
Jill, Spain or Louisiana

Still No Mission Call Yet-The Ketchup Anticipation Ad Keeps Coming to Mind

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another Prediction

Nick Hetinger- South Carolina,
Avery Passey- Augusta, Maine, American Samoa Mission

Bridenstine Predictions

Melinda Bridenstine My guesses are Peru (LOL!) and California. Emily guesses Texas or somewhere in Africa.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And Some More Predictions

Haley, Main, Berlin
Lindsay, Illinois, Ukraine
Jared, Florida, Australia
Trudi, Vermont, Poland
Jackson, Alabama, Spain

Still Some More Predictions

I have been thinking a lot about predictions and as much as I want him to come to Perú, I have felt strongly for some reason about Paraguay. Its where Elder Richard G. Scott served and for some reason, I think Seth is going there, He is for sure not going to the U.S. so I will just pick something random.....umm, San Bernadino California mission.

Bishop, Ghana, Africa
Albanie, Philippines
Kael, South 'Africa
Avery, Germany
Jace, Missouri

Still More Predictions

Pollyanna, Gilbert, Az, South Africa
John, Gilbert Az, and South Africa
Christie, San Tiago, Anaheim

Jeremy, Astern, Idaho, Patagonia Chile

More Predictions

Nathan: Southern California, Honduras

The Jones Family Came to Our House Today.  It was so great to see them.  
Here are their predictions:  
Karli: New Zealand, Louisiana
Alia: Rhode Island, Greece
Shane: Poly Islands, Japan
Abby: Delaware, Canada
Jeremee:  British Columbia, Panama
Garrett: Alaska

Elder Roberts (soccer player): Albuquerque, NM, Argentina
Elder Elizondo (Zondo): Boise, Idaho, Canada (Edmonton)

Grant: Dallas, Texas, Mexico
Tim, Detroit, Accia Ghana
Dallas, Texas, Japan

Collin- Friend in the music video of future missionaries singing in the car - Maine, Guam

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Silver backs (+playlist)

Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska
Silver Back Gorillas

Seth is waiting for his mission call, so spending time with friends at the zoo is a great way to spend the day.  The Silver Back Gorillas always seem to stalk Seth.  I don't know if it is his green shorts, or his thick shoulders, but the entire area was full of tourists and the gorillas would seek him out, and they tend to show some aggression as well.  Seth did't do anything other than staring at the gorillas, which is the same thing the rest of us were doing, but they still go straight to him.  Gorillas are our favorite animals at the zoo because you never know what they are going to do.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Full Time Missionaries and Future Missionaries Singing In The Car

Mission Predictions for Seth Hackleman

Mischa guesses Denmark and Nampa,Idaho!
Aaron's guesses are Argentina and Georgia. 
Christie-Anaheim, California or San Tiago, Chile 
Daniel- Lubbock tx spanish speaking or germany 
Joel - Africa, New York, California 
Ann - Marshall Islands, Georgia, Texas
Tyler - Chili, Hawaii, Alaska
Beau - Brazil, Texas, Florida
Oakley - Tokyo, Japan, Washington D. C., St. George, Utah!
Macy's guesses are somewhere in Africa or Texas. 
Lani- Kennewick, Washington (Spanish speaking)/Medellín, Colombia 
Megan- Boise, Id, and somewhere in Ireland, Boise because that would just be awesome and Ireland because I feel it baby. 
Shayna - I'm so excited for Seth! My guess would be Phillipines or Alabama! 
Wendy- England England England! !! 
Susan- Los Angeles or Brazil 
Misty-New York, New York and Finland 
Melanie - Singapore, Ghana 

Lynn-Mmmm . . . Pocatello, Idaho Mission? 
Waiting on Kristen's Prediction 
Katina- Is it too much to hope he comes to Belgium? That gets my first vote, my second is Texas, Spanish speaking. 
Jim- Macon, Georgia??? 
Jacob Burden - Philippines or New York, New York is my guess 
Ada-Utah, or Australia yeap yeap 
Denise- Hey, I was going to say Macon! Portugal is my foreign guess. 
Debbie-south, Alabama? elsewhere, Scotland 
Alaina- Resistencia, Argentina ! Ha ha. Wouldn't that be hilarious! 
Allyson-North Carolina & Switzerland 
Barbara- I say China (sorry girl!) or Russia. Of course, he could get Savannah. We would be happy to keep an eye on him for you. 
Suzanne-Hawaii or Japan
Australia and Boise, Idaho! 
Ava guesses China or New York! Elise guesses Guatemala or Washington state. Hannah predicts Alaska, or Philippines. I guess Massachusetts or Italy. Sam guesses Virginia or Argentina.

Email From Salt Lake

Everything is a big deal right now.  Yesterday we got an email from Salt Lake regarding Seth's medical forms.  One of the documents was not signed by the doctor, so we called his clinic and got the correct forms off to headquarters.  The moral of the story is, they are already processing his paperwork at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints headquarters.  This is so exciting.  We heard rumors that they process missionary paperwork on Thursdays of each week so we aren't sure if his glitch in his paperwork will set him back a week or if it went through yesterday.  Either way, his future destination will be made known to us very soon.

Make sure you Submit your guesses right away.  The time is not too far away when we will have Seth's Mission Call!  Yeah!

Where In The World Will Seth Go On His Mission?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission - The Time Starts Now

Seth's Senior Picture

The process of going on a two year full time mission starts long before the actual day the missionary is dropped off at the MTC.  I decided to start this missionary blog from the very beginning.  I am the mom who will be updating all of Elder Hackleman's life for the next two and a half years.  On Sunday, April 13th Seth turned in the final portion of his mission papers to the stake president.  He is officially finished and now the waiting begins.

The papers will now be sent to Salt Lake City to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints headquarters.  Within the next two weeks or so, members from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles will look over his application and through inspiration, determine the destination as well as the departure date.  This is a time filled with so much wonder and anxiety.  Where and when is on everyone's mind.

Since there is so much anxiety and anticipation swirling around, we have decided to make a fun little game out of it.  We have all of our friends and family submitting their guesses on where they think Seth will go on his mission.  Everyone gets to pick two places, one in the United States and one foreign.