Monday, June 20, 2016

You Know You Are A Missionary In Mexico When...

Quote by Elder Hackleman: "You know you are a missionary in Mexico, when you run out of food on Sunday so you make PB&J quesadillas!!! hahaha changed my life!

Hey mom! I can´t believe it is so close to ending.... President called me yesterday and said he was almost to our church. He said he drove all the way out to visit me. We went running over and he said he was going to do my final interview..... NO! That was kind of like a cement truck hitting me in the gut. I wasn´t expecting that for another week! haha. Oh well. All good things have to come to an end. Anyways, the interview was pretty interesting haha. I think it was different than he does them with anyone else because he already knew everything about me. We talked about my plans afterwards, things I learned on the mission, etc. I am going to miss that man so much mom it isn´t even funny. I committed him to come to Nebraska to watch one of my football games though! haha. At the end, he closed with a prayer, and without even knowing he quoted a couple of lines from my Patriarchal Blessing about getting married.... i think that the Spirit was hinting at something with that little number....

Anyways that is so awesome you guys are running all over the plays in the different wards! Hacklemans always leave their marks! haha.

Tell Jared he will have to teach me all of the problems he has fixed so I can do it next time! That is quite a blessing that he came out!!! I can´t wait to see him. Has he gone to Stellas yet????

I sure do love you mommy! I know I have failed you on pictures lately. But I have some today that I will send:)

Ok I will tell you about an adventure we had this week. So we have a guy who goes to church every Sunday, lives the commandments and everything but never wanted to get baptized. In fact he gets very offended when somebody even brings up baptism. Missionaries for YEARS have tried so many things to convince this guy to get baptized. When I found out about him, I was like well I have to give it a try! I went over to his house and didn´t even bring up baptism. I figured our purpose as missionaries is to help people increase their faith in Christ right? If I can accomplish that, then I have fulfilled my calling, even if he doesn´t get dunked. So I went over and told him I was new in the area and wanted to get to know the members in that neighborhood. I asked him if we could have a family home evening in his house to get to know a couple of families. He said sure but he had never done one before so I explained it to him and told him to think about what day and he could tell us at church on Sunday. He came up to me in church and said he wanted to do it Wednsday so we invited a super awesome and powerful family and a recent convert. They don´t have a big house so we didn´t want to invite too many people. Anyways, we show up and this guy and his wife, (who is a member), had cleaned up their house and prepared a few treats and everything! He was all dressed up and ready to go! As we were waiting for the other family to get there, he saw some kids playing in the street. He went out and said "hey you guys want to watch a movie about God?" and they were like sure! He invited them all in, (there was about 7 of them haha). He bought them some pop, and everything haha. Anyways, we put some Mormon messages on so that everyone could see and out of nowhere the Brother just started like instructing the kids. "You guys have to do this and this and that! God will bless you if you do! In fact, I am going to pass by for you all to take you to church this week! Make sure to tell your moms!" It was pretty awesome and at the end when everybody left, I told him "Brother Pedro! You are an awesome missionary! How cool would it be if all those kids get baptized! In fact, YOU should baptize them!" He looked at me for a minute and then he was like "well I can´t baptize them because I haven´t been baptized yet either!" So I told him "so when are you going to do it, so you can be prepared for them??" Now Brother Pedro has a baptismal date:) So excited!!!!! He is so awesome:)

I hope all is well!!!!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jun 13, 2016 at 7:53 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

I can't believe how close the time is getting. We are getting so excited we can't even contain ourselves. What are your plans for the last couple of weeks of your mission?

We had a great day yesterday. We went to our ward's sacrament meeting. Then we left Nathan and Grant to finish church without us and Tim, Jared and I headed to the Walnut creek branch because Tim was speaking in their sacrament meeting. Jaren had to work from 5 am until about 10:00 so he ran home, got showered and then came to church with us as well. Your dad did a wonderful job speaking. After church was over we all went to Jaren's place in Nebraska city for Sunday dinner. Chelsey made taco salad for us all. It was yummy. We played a few games and then headed back home.

Grant is going to be flying out later in the week to go to your grandma's house. He will do some yard work and they also have a trip planned to Alaska. He will be gone up until almost the time you get back from your mission. Wow, it's crazy!

Nathan is going to Adam ondi ahman for an overnight campout with the Bell 2nd ward and the Cottonwood ward. They are going on Friday night.

Jared has been working on fixing up all the automatic problems around our house, which are many since our vehicles are so old. He fixed our riding lawn mower. It had about three major problems with it so we haven't been able to use it all year. We are having record breaking heat right now so it wasn't a moment too soon. Push mowing in this heat is really for the birds. The thermostat is about to go out on the trailblazer as well so he will work on that today. What a blessing!

I can't wait to hear from you!


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