Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Missionary Photos This Week - Sept. 14, 2015

I had to go to Veracruz this week for my visa, and in the mission offices they have pictures hanging up on the walls. I found this one! They hung up a picture of one of my baptisms from Huatusco haha!
Pretty cool !

A Little P-Day Fun.

This is the Island of Sacrifices.
When the Spanish got here, the island was found with a bunch of human sacrifices. The hearts were ripped out of the peoples chests. Pretty gruesome, but those Lamanites were not a pleasant people!!

Hey mom!! Once again, I am running short on time. So sorry. Bishop Decker emailed me and I had quite a few things to write back and it took up a ton of time. Please forgive me! I will send tons of pictures though!

I am so proud of Grant! Tell him to keep up the hard work!!! That is soo awesome he is killing it out there! I want some pictures of him in his gear! Also I would LOVE if you could send me a little video of Nathans show choir! I wanna see him!!! I am so proud of him. 

I did not hear about the mission president!

The news here is that we got to participate in the Mexico city temple re-dedication! It was broadcast to our stake center!!! Sooooo great. Elder Holland and President Eyering came here as well as other general authorities and area authorities I have had the pleasure to meet! It was very interesting.... Especially the re-dedicatory prayer offered by Elder Eyering. He said some very interesting things and left some very promising blessings for the country of Mexico!!

I am loving life as normal, but I am scared I will get special changes. The problem is, I am not ready to leave Orizaba yet. I am working really hard and I REALLY want to split the ward into two more. We are so close but need just a little more time!

That is about it for now. I love you all so much!!!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 8:57 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

How in the world has your week gone? Things are finally settling down around here into a new normal. Grant is going full force with football. I have to say, his team has some real talent. They are tearing it up. As I said earlier, he is playing on both a and b teams. The a team the only thing he is first string on is whenever they need a long snapper, for punts, extra points or field goal attempts. Because his team is so good, that ends up mostly being point after snaps. Then, they get so far ahead he ends up playing quite a bit during the 4th quarter on the second string, in which case he plays both offense and defense because they don't have very many second string players even on the field because all the second string players are on the b team. So, he gets a lot of playing time. Then, during the b games he plays first string. This week his b game ended up getting cancelled so he only had one game. We played Westside and ran them all over. We make a lot of mistakes still. A couple of times during the game we had penalties putting us back 25 yards to the first down. Both times, we still made it to a first down the next play. I think we have only had to punt the ball about 3 times in 3 games. We always either make a first down or a touchdown. It's pretty crazy.

The varsity game was against the Monarchs. I'm sure your dad will give the details of that game so I won't double up, but sufficient to say, we won that game as well.

Sunday was an eventful day. Both Nathan and Grant got new callings. Grant is the first counselor in the teachers quorum presidency with Garret as president and Nathan got called to be first assistant to Bishop Decker in the Priest quorum.

So did you hear about the mission president in Mexico who got shot in the legs by a couple of thugs in a Subway restaurant? That is pretty crazy.

What's knew in your neck of the woods?

I love you to the moon and back!


Temple in Mexico was re-dedicated

Elder Hackleman outside the Mexico Temple

Loving it here in Mexico! Sept. 7, 2015

Our ward council is pretty much the best ever haha.
I know the bishop looks almost whiter than me, but he IS Mexican:)
I love that man!

Hey mom! That is so crazy! I bet it was fun hearing all those stories! Don't worry, I have some for you too when I get back:) Pretty much everybody who I came out with have told me that I will be the first one to get married so they will all come out for my wedding haha. I'm not sure I am going to follow my big bros footsteps and get it done in 5 months. Heck why wait so long???

What is the deal with Brenton?? Is really getting married? That is crazy! At least he has the beard going for him.

My buddy from Sidney is getting married.

This week was good! nothing new really just the same old same old.

We are getting pretty excited for general conference! I know it is still a month out, but I look forward to that day like nobody's business! This Sunday we get to go to the re-dedication of the Mexico City Temple!!! I am so pumped!! It will be great! It will be the second temple re-dedication that I will have just in my mission!

Sorry it's a crazy day so I don't have a lot of time to write.

Have a great week mommsmi!!!!

Te amo mucho!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 7:38 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

What a week we have had. Jaren and Chelsey and 5 of his favorite missionaries came out for the BYU/Nebraska football game. We are taking the last one to the airport in Grand Island this morning so he can fly back to Arizona. Jaren and the rest of the crew drove all night and are just about back home. Should be there in the next hour or so.

We had a great time. We heard mission stories all weekend. It was wonderful. Two of the guys were with Jaren in the MTC and actually flew with him to Peru. For the first time I heard the story of their plight to get there. It was pretty traumatic as a new missionary. It definitely bound them together for life. They had to sleep on the floor with no bedding and their suitcases were put in a separate area so they couldn't even shower or brush their teeth. It was all very bizarre. Then they got thrown in the field. Jake of course was Jaren's first companion. One other guy who was here this weekend was Jaren's last AP before he came home. Basically the 5 guys are best friends for life now.

Peru Lima West Missionaries, Post Mission Photo
BYU-Nebraska Football Game 2015

One brave soul dared to wear a BYU shirt to the game.

We are heading out right now to the airport. Hopefully I will write more later.

Love you!