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Climbed the Mountain in Orisaba, Mexico. Missionary Letters - June 15, 2015

Looking over Orisaba, Mexico
I don't know how to set the date on my camera. This date hasn't even happened yet. Sorry about that.
I got to spend the day with my old companion. It was great to see him again!

I have a great story to tell about this family.
I know I joke around a lot, so sometimes you don't know what's what, but this is totally true.
I took pictures for proof! Uncle Jared, Pay attention!

This family just HAPPENED to have just moved back from working in the United States, like 6 months ago. Can you guess where they were working??? Yep! You guessed it! Idaho! You know what is even crazier! They were working somewhere in between American Falls and Pocatello, and they happen to know quite a bit about some random sod farm in that area. They weren't sure who it was, but said that there is always some sort of huge party during the 4th of July and the guy who lives there lives in a quansit. They are pretty sure his name is Jared. Do YOU see a connection???

My old comp from Huatusco is a district leader in my zone too so we went to the top of the mountain together! Pretty cool seeing Elder Vega again!

I climbed this flag pole.
It's pretty sweet!
Just kidding. their are stairs:)

I feel like Captain Moroni waiving the Title of Liberty!

We splurged. Mcdonalds is so expensive here but I haven't ever been in an area that has one so we had to do it. I'm sure they were cooked with Idaho potatoes!

Hey mommsmie!!!! Didn’t Nathan get his drivers license? Can’t he drive himself?? That is pretty great you got to see Dave and Carol!!! What stories did you tell them about me???

That is crazy Coty is getting married! Send me a picture of them!

Not going to lie... totally forgot about your anniversary. Just know that if I were still in the US I TOTALLY would have bought you guys something totally awesome from Bed Bath and Beyond! HAPPY ANIVERSARY!!!! MOMMY AND DADDY°! TOTALLY LOVE YOU GUYS AND SO GLAD YOU HAD ME! haha

That will be super fun at the College World Series! Maybe you will see the guys from Duck Dynasty again!!!!

How did Nathan like the concert he went to????

It still sounds so weird to here you are working on wedding plans... I can’t believe my little but older brother is getting hitched! Speaking of which that could be a good family home evening! Watching Hitch! See what Chelsey says when Will Smith kicks what’s her face off of the jet ski haha. Jaren emailed me and said he was setting up his registry. I’m really worried about him Mom. He has no idea how to do those things! I know I gave him a small list but that was just the tip of the iceberg! The good news is, Jenn is his bridal consultant. She is really good and totally loves me so I trust her not to let my bro fail.

What is the plan in Utah?

Anyways, the work is hard and hot here in Orisaba, but I’m loving every minute of it! Today I give my first District Class so that should be fun. Obviously I am going to do it completely different than any other district class ever given and do it the “Amy Hackleman teaching seminary” way with lots of activities and candy. haha!

That is all for now. Most of the rest of the stuff I wanted to tell you, I mentioned in the pictures!

Love you mom! Thanks for everything!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 5:37 AM, Amy and wrote:

Dear Elder,

How is my favorite missionary doing? I sure love you. This week has been busy because it is the time of the year when I do chart reviews, add to the fact that I am driving Nathan to and from the baseball fields and it keeps me hopping.

Saturday we helped the Porters move Abbie's stuff into a new apartment. Dave and Carol both came. They took us out to dinner. It was good seeing them. They loved to hear stories about you.

Coty Cook just got engaged. I guess he is getting married in July. She looks real nice in the picture on facebook:)

Your dad had the opportunity to speak in a ward for High Council Sunday. I'm sure it was awesome.

Do you know what the significance of June 15th is? 26 years ago your dad and I got married.

We are excited because someone at church gave us two tickets to see the CWS on Tuesday and they are good seats, so that is going to be our anniversary present. Sounds like a whole lot of fun to me:)

Grant got home from scout camp Friday night. He sure had a lot of fun even though it rained a lot and they got soaking wet.

We are working on wedding plans. We have a place nailed down in Utah and the reception here in Nebraska will be at our house.

We are gearing up for the Idaho reunion. Same plan as last year. Should be fun.

I love you tons!

Love Mom

Transferred to Orisaba, Mexico! Missionary letters June 8, 2015

Sleep over with the zone leaders!
We had to all defend our favorite soccer teams!

Last baptism in the Waters of Mormon!!!!
I have a baptismal font in my new area.

My companion is shy.
I'll bet he won't be after pairing up with me.

My new companion in front of our house!!!

Chicatanas. Last day in Huatusco I had these delicacy's... eating them live does not taste too good. It also tends to give you severe diarrhea but hey, I will try anything once. You get over the diarrhea though. When they are fried and crushed up in salsa, they taste awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got pretty sick after eating them so I won't try those again anytime soon.

Hey mom! So sadly I did get changed. It was pretty hard to leave Huánuco to be honest. I had so much success there and so much more coming, (we have like 9 more baptisms planned for this month), but I guess the Lord said it was time for me to go somewhere else. I got a call from President Cordova on Saturday night. He basically just told me how happy he was with the work I was doing in Huatusco and that he wanted me to go help out another area that wasn’t doing so well. He also told me I was going to be District Leader and that he wants me to teach my district 'my ways of success¨ haha I don’t know my ways of success! I just do it!!! I just work my hardest and then the Lord makes up for the other 90%! Oh well. Needless to say I am pretty excited. I got changed to a large city named Orisaba. I got permission to go back to Huatusco for some of my baptisms there if I have time!!! I am only like an hour away so they said I could! I have a few baptisms coming up and they really, really want me to be the one to baptize them and I got permission!!! Super cool! Orisaba is the only other city that has cooler temperatures like Huatusco in the entire mission! That makes me super happy because that means I won’t have to suffer this summer in any of the miserably hot zones, (everywhere else you could possibly go), during the hottest months, (April through September), until the end of my mission! I’m good with that because then I will just sweat a bunch and get super skinny before I come home! Plus if I come home in June, I will only suffer for a couple of months! I am pretty thankful for that. I guess the Lord knows I won’t work very effectively if I am swimming in my own sweat.

My new companion’s name is Elder Hinojosa. Have fun saying that one!! haha Jaren can help you if you need it. Blessings of having a brother who served Spanish speaking. haha. He has about a year and a half in his mission. He is super quiet but so far we have gotten along really well! He won’t be to quiet when I’m finished with him though, don’t worry. I will send you some pictures of him and our house here.

That is super cool you got to see the Silers!! How areJaren and Chelsie doing?? Speaking of zoo, there is one here in Orisaba! Oh I am sooooo happy! I saw it when I came in on the bus!!! It is free99 also!!!!!! It was super funny looking. It is basically a long sidewalk that just cuts through a bunch of random animals, haha. The cages look like they are about to fall over with the camels, but hey a zoo is a zoo!!! Totally pumped for that p-day activity!!!

Who are the Johnsons? I don’t think I know them. Have you heard from Daniel about my cows???

Love you mom!!! Thanks for everything!!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 9:03 AM, Amy wrote:

How are you doing today? Did you get transferred? If so, tell the details:)

Quinn Siler was invited to a Science fair an UNMC for a couple of days so Trissha came and stayed with us Thursday-Saturday. We had a good time going to the zoo and stuff:)

Friday night and Saturday morning we had a devotional with Sister Reeves from the General Relief Society presidency as well as a counselor from the general primary and young women's. It was a wonderful meeting. Trissha and Chelsey went with me on Friday and just Trissha went with me on Saturday. Jaren and Chelsey took the Walker kids to their football games on Saturday so Albany and Bishop Walker could go to the meetings with the authorities.

Last night we had the Johnson's over for smores. It's been an eventful week:)

Grant left this morning for scout camp. Nathan isn't going. He chose work over scout camp although he is only scheduled a few hours this week. I guess he just isn't into scouts:(

I can't wait to hear about your week!

Love mom

Last week in Huatusco, Mexico. Missionary letters June 1, 2015

Last p-day in Huatusco!

We got stormed. hard. the drainage systems backed up so there was about 5 feet of water in the street. Needless to say, we had to go home to change because we got a little wet. 

Do you know what kind of fruit this is?

It is a fruit that I have never heard seen or eaten before. Actually most people here don't even know about it. A member of our church sells them though and gives some to us every once in a while.

 It is the strangest thing I have ever seen. It has a hard pokey shell that peels off to reveal a jelly type center but it is hardish but soft. I'm not really sure how to explain it actually. It totally reminds me of the forbidden fruit!!!! hahaha

Tacos de pastor. Best thing on the planet. You can find this on every block here in Veracruz. It is a giant meet wheel. I don't remember how to say this type of meet in English. It rotates around a fire. When you make an order they take a giant samurai sword looking deal and slice off the meet for your tacos. I want this at my wedding party!!!! haha

We had to do a little posing.

Our baptism!

I baptized this 80 year old women!
She can hardly walk on her own so I carried her!

I love her!

It was the most spiritual baptism ever!

Isn't she beautiful!

One last trip to the statue before I leave this beautiful place.

Good morning mother of mine! How art thou? I was wondering when Jaren and Chelsey's marriage was going to be facebook official! I can't figure out why he didn't just propose to her on facebook! All the cool kids are doing it these days! haha. I still can't believe it! It is so crazy! I feel like grandma doesn't like it too much... she sent me and email last week saying she was worried about him. haha. I'm more worried about Chelsey!!! I'm not sure she fully understands what she is getting herself into! I guess she will find out the next fourth of July at the family reunion right? haha:) Wow that word looks really weird.... I don't think I spelled it right. gosh dangit! why did they have to build the dang tower of Babel! Why can't we just all speak Spanish!!!! This whole 'change language' thing is really putting a cramp in my style.

So transfers weren't this week. They are next week but I am for sure going. I just don't know where yet. It was pretty funny because we had another baptism this week. Our district leader was going to come up here to do the interview when we found out President Cordova was in the area and wanted to come and do it. It was cool because he has never been to Huatusco yet, so he brought his whole family up here and spent a few hours with us. We then went to our house of prayer for the interview. When he got there, President asked me if I would like to do the interview with him. First off I have never heard of that ever happening so I wasn't really sure what to say haha, but I said yeah and so he and I went and did the interview!!!! Obviously I can't say what happened in the interview but at the end, president Cordova bore his testimony about President Monson, and basically just said how great of friends they are!!! It was super cool. Anyways, afterwards I got calls from our district leader and zone leaders and stuff asking about it because nobody has ever been able to do something like that with president, so they were all kind of jealous haha. My zone leaders mentioned it was training, which makes me think I will be leaving here as a district leader. That would be cool but I haven't even been senior companion yet! haha. It'll be cool though if I do!

Anyways I had a good time with president and we had our baptism this week. My companion and I have the potential to set the mission record for the most consecutive baptisms!!!! The problem is I will be leaving so I won't be here if they do, (even though all of the people are people I have found), but that isn't what is important. I'm just happy they will be getting baptized!!!! We have some really really cool investigators. I will be super sad to leave Huatusco.

Anyways, how is life at home? How are the children's?? Have you heard anything about my cows??? Oh and what is uncle Jared's email address? I was telling my companion about that audio recording he did a while ago when he was 'looking' for grandma in the airport. I didn't do it justice and would rather just show him, so I wanted to ask to see if he still had it. haha.

So what happened with Elder Perry? I heard he passed away? What happened? Who is the new apostle?

Everything is good here! I hope you got my pictures! Love you Mommie!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 9:25 AM, Amy wrote:

It's Facebook official now. Jaren and Chelsey posted on facebook Saturday evening that they are engaged. I don't have to keep it a secret anymore ha ha.

How has your week been going? Are you fully recovered from your sickness?

Jaren is in Utah and will be driving back today and tomorrow. He and Chelsey are going to be staying over and Grandma Karen's on the way back. Hopefully that goes ok. She has been freaking out a little. It'as hard to have your grandson grow up:)

Did you get transferred? I can't wait to hear from you!

Love Mom

Missionary Letters May 25, 2015

This is my little buddy that I baptized this week!

This is called Mole. I totally love it!

 I wont tell you what all is in it thought because then you will never try it. (Eventually Elder Hackleman revealed some of the ingredients), he said, "I don't even remember what all it has. Some of the few, are chocolate, many different kinds of peppers, animal crackers, olives, peanuts, bananas, sesame seeds.. and about 12 other things. Some of which I don't know how to say in English haha."

Sorry this picture is kind of dark, but a return missionary just got home from our little branch. He served on the other side of Mexico.

Baptism pics. This is José and his sister, (I baptized his sister last month).

¡Buenas días mamá! First off I want to thank you for all of your prayers. I was pretty miserable last Monday, but by Tuesday I was feeling much better and Wednesday or Miercoles in Spanish because I don’t think I spelled that right in English, I was back to normal!! I had a fever and a headache and a sore throat and sore muscles. I think those were all of the symptoms.

That is absolutely the funniest thing on the face of the planet about Jaren!!! I feel bad for Chelsie though! Apologize for the hospitality my older brother did NOT show! haha. I can’t believe they are getting married.... make sure you take tons of pictures today for me! I want to see it all!

Anyways, transfers are coming up. I’m pretty disappointed because I have so much work to do here, but I know I can do it in my new area too. I have been hearing rumors that president is going to send me to Mocambo. It is a zone in the Port of Veracruz that is apparently struggling a lot. It is actually the worst zone in the mission. For some reason they just aren’t baptizing. Everybody is scared that I will get sent there except for me. One thing that I have learned is that if you work hard, you baptize. It’s simple. Nobody had baptized here in Huatusco for 6 months before I got here. In 3 months I have had 5, and have 5 more lined up for the next two weeks. Not that I was the one who did any of that, obviously it was thanks to the hand of the Lord, but the Lord blesses you if you work hard. It is all about the work and the attitude, so I won’t let the reputation of a zone get to me. Plus, there is an Aquarium in Mocambo! I could go there on P-days! Totally worth it! I am not positive that is where I am going yet, but that is the rumor.

That is pretty cool Nathan is working at the fields again!!! Even though Tim isn’t there. Speaking of which, have you heard from Tim Law? How has he been?

este parte, es para mi hermano amado. Me tiene que mandar muchos fotos cuando hace La Pregunta con la señora Chelsie (not shelbie). si no recibo nada, le voy a matar. no sé como, pero buscaré una manera. especialmente, quiero ver su anillo. Fetch amigo, no puedo creer! Felicidades la verdad:)

I will send Jaren his own email but he has to promise to actually respond!!!!

Anyways mom. have fun on the trip!!! Thanks for the prayers. I really do appreciate it.

Elder Hackleman

I love you all!!!!

On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 6:19 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

How are you doing? More importantly, how are you feeling? Did you end up going to the doctor? What all symptoms did you have and do you have. What aches and pains do you have? Are you still running a fever?

How has your week been?

Chelsey flew in Saturday night for a surprise visit. Everyone knew she was coming with the exception of Jaren. I told him I was going to do a food order and actually went to the airport and picked her up. When we got home she got out of the car and waited on the front porch for a few minutes. I went in through the garage and started talking to the family. Everyone was in the living room. Then Chelsey just walked through the front door. Jaren's reaction was priceless. He did not have the response I would have expected. He just sat there in complete and utter shock. He looked around the room at each one of us. One by one, the realization that we all knew and were not surprised, and he was the only one who didn't know. I guess in the spur of the moment and in the middle of his shock, this, for some reason, made him mad. In a way he felt like it was a joke on him. We all laughed at his reaction, which only magnified his anger and then made him embarrassed. All and all, it was a terrible reaction. Poor Chelsey was still just standing there and Jaren hadn't said a thing to her.

Finally he came to his senses enough to at least acknowledge her presence. He said, "What are you doing here?" Still not the best reaction. After what seemed like an eternity, which in real time was probably about 5 or 10 seconds, he got up and went across the room to Chelsey to see if she was real. He thought he was imagining things and his eyes were deceiving him. We all continued to laugh hysterically because we just couldn't help ourselves. Then we started explaining all the lies we had been telling him to pull off this big surprise. We did learn a lesson, Jaren does not like surprises, but he sure was happy Chelsey was there.

She will be here until Tuesday morning, then she flies back to Utah. Jaren will be flying to Utah on Friday and will be picking her up and bringing her back here to live for the summer. She is going to be house sitting for the Johnson's up the street. They are going out of town for the summer.

Today, everyone has the day off for Memorial day, so we are taking a road trip to Liberty Jail and Adamondiomin. It should be a nice day.

The boys are out of school for the summer. Nathan went out to the fields on Friday to talk to the new manager about working there this summer. He starts work on Tuesday. He is going to be working the t-shirt press primarily.

I sure love you. I can't wait to hear from you. I asked everyone in the family to pray for you this week since you have been sick. We love you so much!



Message from Elder Hackleman.

Road Trip to Adam-ondi-Ahman which is a historic site in Daviess County, Missouri about five miles south of Jameson. It is located along the east bluffs above the Grand River.

Missionary letters May 18, 2015

Baptism This Week

Elder Hackleman and his zone leaders

This is me and Elder Park. He is the Assistant to the President and came out for the zone class. He also happens to be friends with Lauren Gull! Small world

Baptism in the Waters of Mormon

Hey mom! First of all, I can’t believe they are getting married so fast! But I have two questions about this marriage. First of all, why not just wait two more days and do it on Jaren’s birthday? Second, why in the clank are they doing it in that temple? haha I have never even heard of it before! haha. I am pretty excited for them though. That is super awesome that Nathan made Titanium though!!!! I’m super proud of him! Who is the new choir teacher?

I totally love everything about Elder Oaks!!! That is so awesome that you got to see and hear him!!! I know exactly what you mean though with a different feeling in the room when they walk in. When Apostles came to talk to us when I was in the MTC, I felt the same thing. That is super funny that he was just cracking jokes! It reminds me of something that the wife of my branch president in the Missionary Training Center told us. She said that a missionary who is all work and no play is not an effective missionary. A missionary who is all play and no work is not an effective missionary either. I totally agree with that and what Elder Oaks said. Everything in this church is all based on your attitude. We talk about it all the time about how we can do service all day long but it won’t mean a thing if we have a bad attitude about it. I see no reason why you can’t work hard and have a good time while you are doing it. For example, whoever said you weren’t allowed to bust out and sing “Let’s Get Down To Business” when you are chopping up fallen down trees with a machete? I don’t see any problem with that! Sometimes it really bugs me when my companions or other missionaries get all depressed and upset because something didn’t go the way they planned it. I always tell them, you can’t go back in time so why bother wasting the future thinking about it? Learn from it, and do better tomorrow! I really do have a love for this work like I never knew. I always liked going out with the missionaries before, but I have come to understand it in a whole new perspective. The other thing I know is that every time you have a bad attitude, the investigator will never be home!

Anyways this week was kind of crazy. (Elder Hackleman proceeded to tell a story about his mission president saying some very nice things about him at a conference. He doesn’t want it in the blog so that part was excluded from the letter.)

We had a baptism this Sunday! We also have baptismal interviews lined up for 8 more people this Wednesday! It is pretty amazing to see the hand of the Lord in this work!!!! Gotta love it!

So now for the bad news. I’m sicker than a dog right now. I had a super bad fever all night and I feel like junk. A bunch of other stuff is wrong, but I’m just praying I didn’t get Dengue fever or something. It has been going around the mission because of the. We have pills we all have to take to avoid it, but you know me, pills don’t work! haha. I am have tempted to ask you to send me some of your essential oils. Do you have anything for Dengue fever?

That is about it for this week. Love you mom!!! You are the best. Congrats and meeting an apostle of the Lord! Oh speaking of which, I heard a rumor that Elder Holland won’t be coming after all. Apparently now it is going to be Elder Christopherson. Who knows! Somebody else said Elder Cook so I have no idea any more. All I know is an apostle is coming. I’m just not sure which.

Love You!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, May 18, 2015 at 9:18 AM, Amy wrote:

How is my favorite missionary doing today? What's new with you? We are looking forward to some major changes around here. Jaren is going to Utah next week to pick up Chelsey and the two of them are driving back to Nebraska. Chelsey is going to be house-sitting for the Johnson's who live up the street from us, for the summer. Jaren and Chelsey have set the wedding date for Aug, 15th. They are planning on getting married in the Payson Utah temple. Jaren is having her wedding ring made by one of Tim Law's partners from the fields. He owns a jewelry store in Orem. He has come out to visit the fields a few times so you might have met him. His name is Re-nae. Jaren is hoping the ring will be finished in the next week or so. It's kind of crazy planning a wedding ha ha.

Yesterday your dad gave his first talk as a high councilman. Jaren also spoke with him. They were speaking in Jaren's singles ward. Jaren also spoke with brother Hettinger, who was just made a high councilman as well. So Jaren had the privilege of speaking twice yesterday. He was also called to be on the family home evening committee so Monday nights will be spent with the singles in the stake now instead of with us:( Oh, well, we will live ha ha.

Tonight we are having the sister missionaries over for dinner as well as a family who has a son Nathan's age. His name is Josh. Not the same Josh you helped teach. It should be fun.

Nathan tried out for the varsity show choir, Titanium on Thursday evening. At one point he had two girls who asked him to be their partner for tryouts, but eventually one of the girls found another partner. He ended up making it on the team. Both of the girls he was helping did not make it

Saturday I had a leadership training meeting in Council Bluffs, Iowa. We were given very little information in advance about the meeting except to say it was for the president's of the women's organizations and there might be a visiting authority.

Friday evening I got an email saying the authority was Elder Oakes and he had requested the invitation be extended to the entire presidencies. So the Young Women, Relief Society, and Primary presidents of the surrounding 7 stakes were all invited. We were told to arrive at least a half an hour early.

We were so excited and arrived 45 minutes early. The meeting was scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. At 9:30 a.m. Elder Oakes, Elder Clayton (from the presidency of the 70) and our regional general authority, (I can't remember his name), all arrived. It was absolutely amazing the feeling that came over the room when they walked in. We all immediately stood up. There was complete silence. Sitting on the stand were the 7 stake presidents, the temple president and his wife, and 3 ladies who would be participating in the conference. That was it. Elder Oakes walked to the front of the room, in a brisk bouncing pace. He shook hands with the lady who was conducting the meeting. Turned around and saw us all standing and invited us to sit down. Then he went to the first row. He proceeded to go around the entire room and shake hands with every single person in the room. The last people he shook hands with were the men on the stand. Yes, I got to shake hands with Elder Dallin H Oakes! I watched as many women in the room immediately broke down in tears as soon as they shook his hand. I didn't cry, but it was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. Elder Clayton also shook hands, but he didn't shake everyone's hand.

What an experience. At exactly 10 a.m. the meeting started. One local woman spoke, then all three men and a solo musical number. Then at 11:00 the three men moved over to some stools and opened up the floor to questions. Elder Oakes was absolutely inspirational, full of energy, and very funny. He told us all we needed to lighten up. At one point, he said something along the lines of, ok, I am going to go off topic for a minute and tell a funny story, just to lighten this mood a little. It is getting pretty heavy around here. He would tell a funny story, and then continue on with questions.

At 12:00 the meeting came to a close. We were then invited to leave to the left because the men were waiting in the wings on the right for their meeting with started in a half an hour which included all the bishoprics of the seven stakes.

We hustled out while the men hustled in. I'm sure Elder Oakes did the same thing with the men shaking each one of their hands and proceeding with another two hour meeting. I can't even imagine going at such a pace. He obviously didn't have lunch. I was exhausted after our meeting was over. What an inspiration he is to me.

He was so funny and so real. During conference everything of course is very polished, but in this setting, he was amazing. It was like talking to grandpa Howard. Spiritual, fun, and personal all in one.

I learned a lot on Saturday, but I want to tell a little story I heard, and I can't even remember if Elder Oakes is the one who said it, or just referred to it again. Either way, he agreed with the story. A lady was taking a test. When she got the results back she realized she had gotten one question wrong on the test. This made her feel so bad and she was upset with herself that she could have missed it. A man took the same test. Upon seeing his results, he pats himself on the chest and exclaims, "I got an 80%. I rock!" This is the type of thing Elder Oakes was saying a lot of women do. They beat themselves up over things expecting perfection. This is a lot of what his talk was about, how we need to "Lighten Up"

He also suggested we have fun along the way. Hard work can be fun. I certainly could tell he was having fun during the conference, even though it is a lot of hard work.

I think this is the perfect example of your life's theme. You always find joy along the way, even in hard work. Elder Oakes motto certainly is the way you live your life. So keep up the good work!



Letters May 11, 2015

Elder Hackleman and my best buddy Jose

Elder Hackleman skypes home for Mother's Day-May 2015

Elder Hackleman's District

Mother's Day Message from Elder Hackleman

Hey Mommie! Sorry I had a whole message I wanted to say to you planned out, but then I got excited and forgot it all. So it wasn’t very great haha. Anyways I know we just skyped but I forgot to say a bunch of stuff too! Once again I’m sorry I didn’t talk a lot to you guys, I feel like I’m always talking to Jaren. It just seems like it has been so much longer sense I have seen him. Anyways, apparently President Cordova took my idea of the new district to the area presidency but they declined it because of the decrease of missionaries. They just opened some new missions, so they had to send us less missionaries these past few changes and they have been closing areas. They don’t have enough to open a new one but maybe later on in the future!

Jose is a friend of the sister in the branch who always helps us out. He loves the missionaries and we teach him every once in a while but he has never been super interested in the church because his family is super Catholic. It’s ok though, he helps us out all the time though! Sometimes he will come pick up our clothes and pay to have them washed at a lavanderia for us, (sorry that is one of the words I don’t remember in English).

So has dad talked to you about me coming home a change early? I know it is still a ways out and I don’t really want to think about it. I don’t want to come home a change early to be honest, but I feel like it might be the only way I could get everything ready before football starts. I’m not sure. What do you think?

So when does jaren leave for school? Does he have any scholarships or anything?

How are Nathan and Grant doing? I feel bad because I think I heard Grant’s voice like once, the whole skype! We don’t have very much time to skype in this mission sadly:( oh well.

I love you mom! Happy Mothers day!!!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 7:53 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder Hackleman,

What a wonderful day yesterday was. It was so great to be able to skype you. Your message to me was the sweetest thing ever! Thank you so much! I am the proudest mother ever!

I know we just skyped last night, but I still forgot to ask a few questions.

You were getting ready to tell us about the changes in your district, but then we got sidetracked.

Did they change your area so you are not traveling so much, like you suggested?

It was fun talking to your friend Jose. Does he come to church and take lessons, or just hang out with your guys?

He sure seems like a good guy. How did you meet him?

I sure love you!

Love Mom