Friday, April 18, 2014

Mission Predictions for Seth Hackleman

Mischa guesses Denmark and Nampa,Idaho!
Aaron's guesses are Argentina and Georgia. 
Christie-Anaheim, California or San Tiago, Chile 
Daniel- Lubbock tx spanish speaking or germany 
Joel - Africa, New York, California 
Ann - Marshall Islands, Georgia, Texas
Tyler - Chili, Hawaii, Alaska
Beau - Brazil, Texas, Florida
Oakley - Tokyo, Japan, Washington D. C., St. George, Utah!
Macy's guesses are somewhere in Africa or Texas. 
Lani- Kennewick, Washington (Spanish speaking)/Medellín, Colombia 
Megan- Boise, Id, and somewhere in Ireland, Boise because that would just be awesome and Ireland because I feel it baby. 
Shayna - I'm so excited for Seth! My guess would be Phillipines or Alabama! 
Wendy- England England England! !! 
Susan- Los Angeles or Brazil 
Misty-New York, New York and Finland 
Melanie - Singapore, Ghana 

Lynn-Mmmm . . . Pocatello, Idaho Mission? 
Waiting on Kristen's Prediction 
Katina- Is it too much to hope he comes to Belgium? That gets my first vote, my second is Texas, Spanish speaking. 
Jim- Macon, Georgia??? 
Jacob Burden - Philippines or New York, New York is my guess 
Ada-Utah, or Australia yeap yeap 
Denise- Hey, I was going to say Macon! Portugal is my foreign guess. 
Debbie-south, Alabama? elsewhere, Scotland 
Alaina- Resistencia, Argentina ! Ha ha. Wouldn't that be hilarious! 
Allyson-North Carolina & Switzerland 
Barbara- I say China (sorry girl!) or Russia. Of course, he could get Savannah. We would be happy to keep an eye on him for you. 
Suzanne-Hawaii or Japan
Australia and Boise, Idaho! 
Ava guesses China or New York! Elise guesses Guatemala or Washington state. Hannah predicts Alaska, or Philippines. I guess Massachusetts or Italy. Sam guesses Virginia or Argentina.

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