Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Service in Mexico

We did a bunch of service this week. We have a friend who is working on building a house for his brother, so we decided to help him out for a little while.

Yes I am now an expert working with concrete. Expertish:)

We did get a little dirty!

I found a little snake crawling in the dirt. It gave everyone a good fright that's for sure! Not sure why. The thing is so small it can't even bite! It freaked them out when I just picked it up and took it on the other side of the road. haha. They were like no! You will die! I was all, chill dog! It's just a little garder snake! haha

All of the pictures were taken on the same day. After we got so dirty we finally decided we needed to change into P-Day clothes.

It's fun playing in the dirt!

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