Saturday, August 23, 2014

1st Email From Elder Hackleman

Note from mom: I can't believe it, Elder Hackleman was able to email today. Depending on when their missionary preparation day lands, some of the time they don't get to email for almost two weeks. I guess Elder S Hackleman's "P-Day" is on Saturday because he was able to fire off a short email to me today! Yeah!

On Sat, Aug 23, 2014 at 7:01 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder S Hackleman,

I have to put an initial in the salutation so I know who I am writing to, ha ha. It's so amazing to think there are two Elder Hackleman's out there. So how is your first week going? Have you been able to get any sleep? What is your companion like, and your roommates? I can't wait for pictures.

I just realized yesterday that I forgot one very important picture I wanted to get of you before you left. It is you pointing at your mission on the large map at the trail center. I have heard a rumor that the MTC has a large map as well. Can you get a picture and send it to me so I can put it on your poster I want to hang in our living room?

Also, we were trying to figure out when you will be leaving the MTC for Mexico? Do you know if your visa is in? Will you still be in the MTC during General Conference? If so, you should see if you can get into the missionary choir that usually sings at conference. That would be so awesome!

Have you run into anybody you know at the MTC?

How is your Spanish coming along?

What is your MTC mailbox number?

We are so proud of you.

Life here is sure quiet without you.

Love you!

Mom wrote:

1:13 PM

Mama!!!! It is soooooo amazing here:) on Thursday (my first full day) we met our branch president and we all had interviews with him. My first day out and he made me District Leader! It is a bunch more responsibility but I'm super excited! 

Everyone in my District is super cool. Mi CompaƱero es muy simpatico! We get along really well. I am learning so much Spanish already! Oh and not to make the other Elder Hackleman jealous, but I sleep in an entire apartment. My district is not on the main campus so we get the good dorms to sleep in. 

Yeah there is a giant map on the main campus so when I go to the Temple again next Saturday, I will be sure to get one! (The temple here is so huge!) We leave September 29th. I haven´t heard for sure yet but it doesn't sound like they are having any problems with the Visa. 

I will not be here for General Conference but I am joining the MTC choir. 

I ran into Hermana Gull on the first day when my host was showing me to my room! I have run into her maybe a couple times since, but we have been too busy to talk.

Hermana Gull

Elder Hackleman's friend from Sidney, Ne. 

She is training for service in Argentina

I can´t remember what my mailbox number is, (I probably should know since it is my responsibility to get the mail for everyone in my district as District Leader.)

You should sign up for! Look it up if you aren´t sure what it is:) I love you guys but this is all the time I have to Email!!! I didn't think I would be able to my first week so you all are lucky! 

Keep things loud and rowdy for me mama:) 

Love Elder Hackleman the 2nd

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