Monday, November 3, 2014

Elder Hackleman's Stories for the week


My comp and I took a selfie with our nametags. don’t judge:) 

So this dog is crazy. Whenever we walk by this certain house he will follow us for miles. He is nice. I named him Mole. The best part is, he is starting to respond to this name.

That is awesome! Sorry though, I’m not going to be able to send very much today. We sort of spent too much time playing soccer so now we don’t have that much time to write.

Sorry! I still love you though! lol anyways you had a busy week! Tell Becky and the kids hi for me!! And you need to take care of that dang toe mama! Oh and by the way, why does that not surprise me at all with Nathan and being cold and hungry? Oh well, at least I was never that way!;) Oh and I am still betting it is going to be Bishop Burton for stake presidency. Keep working hard at school!
Anyways I only have a couple stories today and I don’t have much time to make them funny ha-ha sorry.

Story # 1

Ok so we found this family. They are super fun and amazing and very willing to listen to our message. The problem is we can’t get them to come to church. We walk to their house every Sunday before church to try and accompany them because they always tell us they will. Here in Mexico, everybody has a fence around their house.

It is impolite to walk through the fence and knock on the door, (unless they are really good friends and members or something, but as missionaries we never do), so you just stand at the fence and yell BUENAS TARDES or something (good afternoon) and they will come out and let you in. For the past couple of Sundays when we went to their house we always heard someone yell BUENAS back, but nobody ever came to the door. We were pretty upset and whenever we would ask them about it they would say they weren’t even home. So we were very confused. Until during one lesson somebody randomly yelled BUENAS in the middle of the restoration video. Turns out they have a parrot who loves to yell Buenos, but it sounded so human we thought it was them! ha-ha my comp and I laughed about that for hours lol.

Story # 2

So my other story actually happened when I first got here but I don’t think I ever told you about it. So Elder Webb, (he was in my district in the MTC, He is the wrestler who knew Tason). Anyway he and I were walking down the sidewalk outside of the mission home. We were both so excited we were greeting and waving at everyone who walked or drove by.

Well he waved at a taxi. Taxis here will drive over a grandma and her pet puppy in order to get to a person even if they already passed them. So this taxi slams on his brakes and starts driving through the traffic in reverse to try and get to us. I was like wow elder! And he was too scared to talk to the taxi driver and explain we didn't actually need his services so I got to have some fun with that with the very limited Spanish I knew at the time. Anyways I thought that was kind of funny ha-ha.
That is all for now. Hopefully I will have a few more minutes to send some pictures. LOVE YOU MOM!

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