Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This Isn't Missionary Work, This is Missionary Fun!

 This is my best little buddy. His name is Ian. 
His family is so awesome!
He likes to wear my name-tag.

This isn't missionary work, this is missionary fun!

Another picture of our baptism

For some reason the dogs here love us. I think it is similar to the gorillas at the zoo that would have an entire room of people, but for some reason they would follow me. These dogs will follow us for miles! We feel like Noah and the ark every day.

They have bread shops everywhere that sell amazing bread. It’s usually sweet bread so almost like a donut but better. This one is called cat face haha. It doesn’t look anything like that but Mexicans are very creative with their naming lol.

My District

So far on my mission I have done pretty well. When we got home one night this little guy came running out of our room. After I recovered from my heart attack, I made my comp help me search our entire apartment for more. Luckily he was the only one but still!

I Hate Spitting Death In The Face!!!

I know a lot of you might say, oh, it's just a harmless spider,
but in my world it is the scariest thing in the universe!

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 7:40 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder S Hackleman,

How are you doing today? We had a great weekend. We got a new stake presidency on Sunday. We had 2 members of the 70 here to make the changes. One of them was Joel's old stake president from Twin Falls. Brother Derrick was called as the new stake president. Bishop Webber from the Papillion ward is a counselor and I can't remember the other guy. I'm sure your dad will say. I told President Derrick there was going to be a missionary in Mexico doing cartwheels when he heard the news.

Nathan and I sang in the stake choir, then we rushed out the door because Nathan was also singing with his school choir along with 6 other high schools from the area and the Omaha Symphony. They performed Andrew Lloyd Webber's Requiem. It was so unbelievably good. The Maestro even talked about Mrs. Renche and started to cry because he is so touched by her.

Nathan started show choir practice the first of November. I am looking forward to his first performance for show choir. He is loving it. He and Grant are also excited to start practicing for church basketball. Tim Law is going to be their coach again this year. The games start in January but they will start practice any time now.

I sent you a little Christmas box in the mail on Friday. I sure hope it makes it to you. I packaged it with pictures of Virgin Mary and Crosses all over it and put tags saying it is full of toothbrushes and toothpaste for the Mission. Hopefully it will make it in one piece. There is also a little something for your companion in there too. In the box there are also about 10 sets of arch supports. I tried a bunch of different brands. When you figure out what kind is your favorite, take a picture of it and send it to me so I will know what kind to get you next time around. There are about 10 pairs there so it should last you for a while.

We are getting excited to go to Fort Collins for Thanksgiving. I think I told you before we are going to a CSU volleyball game as well as a CSU football game at the Air-force academy. We have snow now and the past couple of weeks have been record breaking cold so I'm not so sure the football game is going to be fun in such weather, but we will bundle up the best we can.

Your dad had a good interview on Friday with Midlands. He doesn't know for sure that he got that job, but the interview went well.

How is the missionary work going?

I love to hear your stories!

Guess who got home from their mission on Friday? Ryan Shields.

Mitchell is in Argentina I think. Anyway both of the Shields brothers are Spanish speaking as well. So fun.



Ryan is already finished? freak! First off, mom thanks for all the scriptural references and information! For some reason I couldn’t remember all of that! Thank you:) I know I can trust my mommy for that stuff! so I told dad this but I will tell you too, I wrote in my journal a couple nights ago that I changed my mind about thinking Bishop Burton was going to be stake pres. I wrote that I thought it was going to be brother Derreck. I LOVE THAT MAN!

Anyways, sorry for the pansy emails recently. I will try to do better. Did you get all of my pictures? I think I sent them to a few different of your email accounts. I also realized I forgot to send a few and I didn’t bring my camera so I guess next week haha sorry. 

Chuy Corona

I wanted you to know that my favorite Mexican soccer team is called Cruz Azul (blue cross in English). I pretty much only like them because my companion does so he teaches me about them. I know all about their portero (or goalie). His name is Chewy Corona and he is a stud. I had him teach me because cruz Azul is really big around here and I wanted a good conversation starter:) if you guys want to follow them and update me on how they are doing feel free! haha. 

Thank you so much for the package. I can’t wait to get it! And those arch supports are going to save my life so thank you. We walk so much. Whenever I get tired I just think of the pioneers and how this is just training for football haha. 

Whenever I get tired of walking, I just think of the Pioneers
And training for football

It cooled off quite a bit today! The sea breeze came in so it was really windy. I like it but everybody is wearing coats and stuff haha freaking crazy. But yeah it cooled off to about 80 degrees so it is really nice:) I’m finally not sweating! As much;) ok so I have two cool stories for you that I can think of right now. If I think of more I will definitely write them. One I hope will make you laugh and the other almost made me cry so see what you think.

1) So my area of proseliting is called Carlos A. Carrillo. It is in the Tuxtepec Zone and close to a larger town called Cosamaloapan. My area is kind of like Papillion in the sense of everybody lives hear but they all work in Cosamaloapan. That is where I sent my pictures from today. We go there to do our shopping and stuff because we don’t really have stores here. Also we go their because a sister in the ward owns a small gym their and lets missionaries lift weights for free so my comp and I go almost every Monday. 

Ward member owns a gym and lets missionaries work out there for free on our Preparation Day.  I got asked to join a weight lifting team.  I told the guy I was a missionary so I couldn't join his team, but I invited him to church:)

The first part of my story is that one time I was lifting and this guy came up and asked if I would join his lifting team because he has never seen somebody lift as much as me, (in my mind I was thinking, this isn’t even that much I’m still taking it easy from shoulder surgery), but instead I told him I couldn’t because I was a missionary and instead invited him to church on Sunday. haha he didn’t come but the best part, is that they play music at this gym. It is usually Mexican songs but Mexicans also listen to a ton of American music. One song came on and at first I just thought it was another one in Spanish so I just kind of zoned out because it is hard to understand music in Spanish but then I realized it was the If I Were A Rich Man song from fiddler on the roof! 

Mexican Rap Version of "If I Were A Rich Man"
Caused me to laugh my head off.

But in like a Mexican rap form! hahahahahahah I started laughing so hard and my comp just looked at me like What the clank? haha it made my day.

Parable of the Tie

I have witnessed true Christ Like Service
I will never be the same

2) At Church this past Sunday one of the investigators who is hopefully going to be baptized in a week or so was there. He doesn't have very much money and wore some tattered jeans and a t-shirt. Apparently he has a white shirt but no tie so he didn't want to wear it. He isn’t our investigator but the other elders in our district. They are in the same ward. After sacrament meeting, I watched as one of the guys in our bishopric came down off of the stands and started taking off his tie. I just assumed he was anxious to get home because it was fast Sunday but no he walked straight to this investigator handed him has tie, gave him a hug, and walked off. 

Before I came out on my mission people told me I am going to find people who are literally going to be willing to take the clothes off of their backs for others. I always thought of this as some sort of parable not to be taken literally but spiritually, in the sense of people are extremely willing to serve or they will help in any way possible. When I saw this, and realized this is a literal act of kindness people do and I saw it first hand, I was speechless. It made me want to go home, grab all my ties and take them to all of my investigators. 

Will you share this with Nathan and Grant? I have a lesson I want them to learn sooner than I did. Never take for granted the blessings and things we have. Somewhere in the world there is always somebody a little bit worse off than the next person. At the same time, those people are also those who tend to be more willing to serve and utilize their Christ like attributes.

So far so good here in Mexico. With the exception of spitting death in the face with that spider in our house, I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world. I love you all!

Oh one more thing. I’d love to hear from some of my aunts and uncles! Oh and tell Bro Derreck to send his favorite elder a clanking email also por favor.

Te amo mucho!!
ELder Hackleman

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 8:28 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder,

How was last week?? We had a wonderful Stake conference. We had Elder Nielson of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy and Elder Payne, an Area Authority Seventy. Our new Stake President is Pres. Derrick. I think you know him?? :) Anyway, Stake Priesthood Leadership was awesome!! One of the best I have ever been to! One of the overall themes for the whole conference was "Hastening the Work".

Here's a couple of things that I think would be revelatory for you and your companion (and your Zone for that matter!) - Draw a comparison between "Hastening the Work" and the "Woman taken in Adultery"

Here's another one! This one is about wayward family members compared to lost quorum or ward members...

Study Luke 15:4-5 and 8-9, the "Lost Sheep" and the "Lost Piece of Silver" really think about verse 5. Then read the parable of the Prodigal Son in verses 11-end of Chapter 15.

What's the contrast between the first two parables and the prodigal son parable?

Anyway, I am so proud of you! Every time missionary work was spoken about, all my thoughts turned to my sons. Are you doing well? I have complete faith, and I am serious about "complete", that you are in the hands of the Lord. You have the ability to accomplish his work no matter what. Just remember when there's a challenge, He'll provide the right opportunity at the right time!

So, here's some more worldly news!

Utah beat Stanford in double overtime! We seriously need a QB. Utah is now ranked 20th. I think we could have seriously played in the PAC12 Championship if we had a decent QB. Papio South lost to Creighton Prep in the State semi-finals. But then get this!!! The coach for Creighton Prep resigned for personal reasons over the weekend and won't be on the sidelines for the State Championship!!! Who does that???? The online class that I'm teaching starts on the 24th! And I had a second interview with Midland University on Friday that went really well. I think I may have that one too! It was with the Vice President of Academic Affairs. When he found out that I was from Utah, he told me about an interview he had at Utah Valley University in Orem. He said that he interviewed with Matt Holland and Asked, "Do you know Matt? I guess his family is pretty big in Utah. His dad is Jeff Holland." I almost fell out of my seat. He didn't realize that he was talking about an Apostle of the Lord.

Anyway, Tell me all about your week and what's happening!!!!!

¡Ámele hijo!


P.S. I love my wife!

Hey dad! I wrote those versus down so I can study them in the morning! Thank you! So the crazy thing, is I was thinking about it this week and I thought Brother Derrick is going to be the president. I wrote it down in my journal just to see what would happen. Snyways good for Utah! too bad no qb though.... freaking prep and what the heck? what’s up with the coach? I feel like there has to be more to it so keep me updated. That is crazy about your interview!!!!

ok so I don’t have any crazy stories that I can think of right now but I do have some recipes for you to try if you want!

I don’t remember which ones I have already told you about but here are some of my favorites.

1) This one is really easy. They make a bunch of different versions of this, but the idea is all the same. Oh and a meal without tortillas is breaking the word of wisdom here. We ALWAYS have tortillas. Take a tortilla and lightly fry it in some oil. Not a ton but just a little. Then lay it flat on the plate and spread some black beans (better if they are re-fried because then it isn't as messy if it is almost like a paste) on the bottom. Top it with some shredded chicken (seasoned however you like) a strip of jalapeno, a thin slice of carrot, avocado, and mozzarella cheese on top. Then eat it like a pizza. This is one of my favorite varieties but you can play around with it to see what you like.

2) ok my other favorite food I have no idea how to make so you might have to look it up. It is called a Bolivani. It is almost like a croissant stuffed with like cheese and ham or chicken or whatever. They are amazing and will change your life but I hear they are kind of hard to make.

Daddy I love you! All is well here. Keep me updated with things!

Te amo, Elder Hackleman

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