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Letters December 15, 2014

Nathan's choir sang some of the songs from the Requiem performed with the Omaha Symphony for the winter program.

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 8:39 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder S Hackleman,

How are you doing? Did you get your package? We had our ward party on Saturday. The theme was the Parable express. We had a musical number performed by the young men and young women. Nathan and Grant both participated. It was to the Hot Chocolate song from Polar Express. It was very cute. They even had props and actions. Then after church yesterday, Nathan had his December concert at the school. They did little pieces of the songs they had performed at the Omaha Symphony. It was so good. As I looked at Nathan up there on the stands I could see happiness in his face that I have not seen with any other activity he has ever been in. I think he has found his passion. He sure loves to sing.

He tried out for a solo part but didn't make it. I was impressed with the young men who did make it. All I can say is he doesn't have to feel one bit bad about losing out to them.

I think I told you before, but it is official now, the Laws are moving the first of January :(((((

You know your buddy Seth from work? He had another fight Saturday night. This is the last one until he can move up to the next level of semi-pro. I guess he was pretty worried about this one, the guy was taller and had a longer reach. Turns out, he didn't need to worry because he won by a landslide. I'll tell you what, I don't have the stomach for that business. I can't even imagine what his wife must think and he has a little baby now. He has such a cute face, the thought of him messing it up by ultimate fighting makes me cringe.

This is my last week of school and then I get a two week break. I can't wait for that. I am ready to relax a little. A few of us ladies are going to dinner before our last class on Thursday to celebrate. It should be fun.

I still keep thinking of the lesson I learned from Henry B Erring about writing in his journal every single day of his life specifically making a note of how he saw the work of Christ in his life that day. I sure hope you took my challenge and have been doing this. Especially when you are on your mission, I think it will be a blessing in your lives if you acknowledge and then recognize the work of the Lord.

I guess Grandma and Grandpa are going to Uncle Jeff's this year so you will only get to skype the immediate family.

Last Sunday Daniel was made bishop. He sure is the man for the job. He will do awesome.

I talked to bishop Burton on Saturday and he said Collin isn't coming home for Christmas. He is waiting until his sister gets off her mission. She might extend a month so they still don't know when that will be. Either January or February.

Once again, Brother Derrik asked about you. He spoke in our sacrament meeting on Sunday. He sure is awesome!

So there was a dish you told me a while back was your favorite Mexican food. The only problem is I can't figure out what it is. It might be spelled wrong. Will you take pictures of your food whenever you can so we can get a better idea of what you eat:)

I sure love you!


Hey mommma! Como esta? Bien? Me encanta todo las comidas aqui, pero es muy dificil a obtener una foto porque yo no quiero ofender los miembros cuando comiendo. ellos pueden estar dificil algunos veces.

Any ways I'm proud of Nathan for trying! and I'm proud of you for working so clanking hard in school. hey good for Danny though! Yeah Tim has been emailing me and telling me the details of his new job and everything. I am going to miss him and Becky but I don't blame him one bit. He will be much happier with this new job. oh and don't worry about seth. He is so good, he wont get messed up;) keep me updated about him though! I'm routing him on!

Ok so here is the new news. my Dad leaves me tomorrow. Elder Martinez was an awesome comp. My favorite one by far here in Mexico. haha. He got called to be zone leader in Las Tuxtles Sur which is about 2 hours away from here so not to far actually. I know his new companion too because he was in our zone. My new companion is a gringo from Utah! Elder Martinez told me that when he talked to president Cordova on Saturday about being a zone leader.  Pres told him he was very impressed with how well I speak the language, so even though I just barely finished my 12 week training with this transfer, he assigned a gringo to be my comp. 

Elder Martinez told me this is very rare especially because my new comp doesn't even have a year in the mission yet. He told me that Pres Cordova really trusts me and wants me to basically show my new comp around.  Elder Martinez is district leader right now so I know all the things he has to do, but my new comp has never been district leader before and has never been companions with a district leader so he doesn't really know. so even though he will be the DL, I will basically be training him with that, as well as with the area, and our investigators. It should be fun!

Anyways that is about everything that is new with me! How is the family doing? I can't wait to see them and skype you guys!! I have been writing in my journal every day! Oh and what is the food called? I can explain it to you.

Love you all!

Elder Hackleman

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