Monday, December 22, 2014

More December 15th letters

Nathan and Grant, give up trying to ask mom and dad for a dog. It isn't going to happen, but you can always ask for a pet duck! This little guy is pretty fun!

This is the front of our house.
We came home one night and the person we are renting from decided to put a giant for sale sign on the front.
I don’t know why but apparently he doesn't want us there anymore so we might have to look for a new house.

I found this guy keeping the grass short outside of the church.

On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 8:39 AM, wrote:

Dear Elder S. Hackleman,

The first question that I have to ask is did you get your package? We had a great week. Nothing too exciting. We had the Ward Christmas party on Saturday and our Oriental Trading Christmas Sale Friday night. We get tons of free junk... or free Chinese made stuff. Needless to say, yesterday we were worn out! Especially your mom who was up late Saturday doing homework. We also had Nathan's choir concert at school yesterday. That was really fun. Your little brother is turning out to be quite the musician... following in big brother's footsteps!

How is the work in Veracruz mission?? Lots of great things happening, I'm sure!! What things have you been doing on your P-days? The ward finally got your plaque. I have to admit, I could be pretty boastful! I'm not gonna lie, two stripling warriors... just saying! Did your companion get transferred?

Anyway, I hope you are healthy and staying focused. Are your eyes okay? It's just going to be the four of us for Christmas. Gma and Gpa are going to Uncle Jeff's. So we can Skype with you anytime you are available. We'll email you the info. Your brothers are soooooo excited to see you! Send us some pictures too!!

¡Ámele hijo!


Hey dad! No I haven’t gotten my package because I haven’t gone to Tuxtapec yet. We are going this Wednesday so I should be able to get it then (if it is here) yeah my eyes are great! Oh and I found out that the church won’t reimburse it because it is an issue I had before my mission. Jaren’s was on his mission so they paid for it. So I can probably order some from here if you want to just put money in my account or you can send them. I feel bad having you guys send me so much stuff because I don’t know how much it costs every time to do it but I’m excited to skype too! Love you all! Yeah my comp is going to be zone leader in a zone about 2 hours away. My new comp (who I will get tomorrow) is a gringo! That is really rare that the president puts 2 gringos together when one of them just barely finished his 12 week training. I’m not worried because I know the area really well and obviously the president trusts me so that is pretty cool. Anyways love you all! Take care of the fam!

Elder Hackleman

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