Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter's the week of December 8th.

Watching the Christmas Devotional

Girls Weekend in Kansas City

On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 8:38 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder S. Hackleman,

How are you doing today? How are your eyes? Have you received your box I sent 3 weeks ago? Your dad and I are worried about whether the contacts would get to you in time. We thought about it all week and figured out the best solution. You should go to an eye doctor in Mexico and get them ordered there. Jaren got glasses while he was on a mission and it is covered under the missionary insurance plan so it wouldn't cost us any money and you would be able to get them right away. You can just tell them you have blown through your contacts because of your eye infection.

Let me know your thoughts.

What is the plan for Christmas? Where are you going to skype from and at what time?

So this past week has been a busy and crazy one. Daniel got made bishop yesterday, so that is pretty neat.

Your dad's surgery was a success. Grandma stayed until Friday. We dropped her off at the airport and then I went to Kansas City with Becky, Kelsey, Danae, and Jill Tirrell. Kelsey is moving to Oklahoma on the 1st of January so we had one last girl’s night out. We stayed in a hotel and shopped around. We sure had a good time.

Yesterday I gave the lesson in Relief Society. It was about sustaining your leaders.

Nathan tried out for a solo in the concert choir and the show choir this past week. He hasn't found out about either of them yet. He is being pretty brave since this is his first year singing and he doesn't have any voice training. He has a wonderful tone, and he understands timing very well, he just hasn't been formally trained on breathing, articulation, and voice control. Very few underclassmen even tried out for solos and the ones that did, have already been in choir for a while. I'm proud of him for putting himself out there. He has a great attitude about it too. He said, if I want to sing a solo when I'm older, I need to try out now and start down the path.

Grant is so funny. He wrote out a big long Christmas wish list. The items he -wants are hilarious. Sometimes that kid just cracks me up. He has things like, nurf gun, I-phone (dream on), beats headphones (again dream on, they are like $100 bucks each), tons of real candy, gum 3 layers, hex bug set, chicken roll ups, a couple of dollars here and there, spring blade shoes, new ipod case, a moon ball, the movie Pacific Rim, I-tunes gift card, new battery charger for air soft gun, giant sized chocolate bar, new lazer light, sled, snow ball maker, a computer, foot rub by dad, cheese-its, nike stuff, under armor stuff, need for speed hot pursuit, duct tape, gummy worms, variety of candy from Tim Law's fields (I think he is talking about the bulk candy they sell), socks, electric orbe, a body suite (black) with a wig, Titan hoody from Hyvee, facetime with Jaren and Seth, cutter gloves, football, lava lamp, a link taken out of the watch I have, a new tie, a pocket knife, a mini basketball hoop for my door, more magnets (not for the fridge), Rev, (it's a protein sandwich), gator-aide, RC car, a maze in a ball, par cord, clips for par cord (he likes to make bracelets), my own lighter for it, a frizby, ballons, air soft bb's, my own rip stick, nike slides, logos, a personal computer, and he lists Beats headphones over and over in his list. At the end he says, beats are the most wanted. (He doesn't know it, but when Tim Law hooked us up with some Beats headphones. What would we do without the Laws!?!

Your dad is back to work today. He is not 100% yet, but he felt he could get some things accomplished so he went. He went to church yesterday too. He's a tough cookie.

Tim Law got offered a new job and if they can work it out they will be moving to Arkansas. It is still top secret, but it's making me crazy. It would be an awesome opportunity for them, but I will sure miss the family. I can't imagine life without Becky! Especially losing Kelsey and Becky all at once. Uggh!

So, what's happening in your neck of the woods?

I sure love you.

How are your eyes?

Love Mom

Hey mom! So yeah I will talk to my comp about the contacts and figure out what the best course of action will be. Oh yeah! So each transfer is 6 weeks right? Well this transfer just happened to finish on the 24th but President Cordova doesn’t want people leaving their areas that close to Christmas so he made it a week sooner which means most likely my companion Elder Martinez will be leaving a week sooner than I thought. He will not be here for when we skype. Most likely I will have a new companion but I know the area so I will be the senior companion already isn’t that crazy?? I will train my new comp in the area and with our investigators.

One story really quick.

We were walking here to this internet cafe to write our emails. We are wearing normal clothes because we just got done playing soccer at the church. We passed a husband his wife and little daughter as we were walking and I said Buenas Tardes as we passed like we always do, (it is just a greeting that translates to good afternoon.) We continued on like normal when I heard them call out from behind us. They yelled a word in Spanish that basically is a much more professional way of saying Hey Gringo! haha. Anyways they asked where I was from. They said they wanted to talk to us because when they first saw me they were just like o cool an American, but then when they heard me speak and all I said was Buenas Tardes, they doubted themselves and thought maybe I was just a white Mexican so they wanted to ask haha. They were very impressed with my accent but I was just happy because this gave us an opportunity to share the gospel with a young family! We have a date to go visit them so we will have to see what happens! They are all very religious though so I am very excited.

Grant your Christmas lists never cease to amaze me buddy haha. Just remember that whatever you get, you are blessed to have a family with so many privileges. I don’t know if the missionaries there are sharing the video he is the gift, but we are here. Afterwards I always ask each family what gift they want most this Christmas. Every single person here in Carlos A Carrillo, Tuxtepec Mexico, has asked for either health, peace or happiness in their families and in the ward. It doesn’t matter what age all the way from 4 to 89, none of them asked for material possessions.

Nathan I am going to send you your own email.

Anyways, I think I might cry if the Laws move. I will get sent home for dying on my mission most likely and what the clank am I going to do without Kelsey, Mike, the kids, and her zucchini bread???

Anyways keep good care of the pops and I love you all! I can’t wait to skype!!

Love Elder Hackleman

My eyes are 100 percent perfect. No issues

On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 5:37 PM, Amy and Tim wrote:

How are your eyes doing right this second?

Did you get your package yet?

No. most likely it will come at the beginning of January.

Dear Elder S Hackleman,

How was your week? My surgery went well. I had a struggle with some of the effects of the anesthesia but got over them quickly. I am well enough to get back to work today. Grandma came out to help. She bought us a new recliner for Christmas. We have all been doing well. We had a wonderful testimony meeting in Sacrament today.

How are your eyes? I am so worried about those beautiful blue eyes. We want to order some more contacts for you. Can you look on your plastic containers and tell me the numbers? I attached a photo with the info that I need. I need it for both the left and right eyes. The other option is to put enough money in your account that you could order them there. Let me know what you would like us to do!!!

I attached a picture of our tree. I took it while we were watching the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional.

I hope that you are doing well and that you are healthy and that you and your companion are sharing in the joy of Gospel. Especially this time of the year. Let us know what the plans are for Skyping. We're going to see if we can coordinate with Jaren to get both of you at the same time. If not, that's okay too.

¡Ámele hijo!


That is awesome dad! and honestly my eyes are 100 percent! oh and I always get compliments because blue eyes don’t exist in Mexico so I have had a lot of girls flirt with me... it’s kind of weird. In my past life I would have loved it but not right now! Anyways I will talk with my comp and figure out what will be better about the contacts. I have enough that I am not too worried about it right now so I will tell you next week. oh and this transfer ends on the 24 but the mission pres told us that we are going to do it a week earlier because he doesn’t want people trying to get settled in a house on Christmas Eve so normally a transfer is 6 weeks but this one will only be 5 which means MOST LIKELY my comp will be leaving a week earlier than we thought. I only get 45 minutes so work it out with Jaren and tell me next week and we can try and coordinate. I still pray for you, daddy. Be careful. I love you tons! Thanks for everything.

Love Elder Hackleman

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