Monday, January 19, 2015

Baptism this Week Jan. 12, 2015

We had another baptism last week
This kid is awesome
His name is Juan

I am finally getting used to my longer hair.

This is the reason I was asking about Tanner. This guys name is Dago. He is the most interesting person alive. He speaks English fluently. He also speaks Italian and Swedish because he lived in Sweden for a while. He is going back in 4 days. He also just happens to be the brother of the bishop in our ward but he isn't a member. We have been teaching him but I thought it would be cool if he just happened to be in the same area as Tanner so that he could teach him too! haha.

You know your a missionary when you run out of toilet paper and use some old Kleenex and tissue paper you found in the closet.

Me and my awesome companion.
He is from Utah and plays football too.
He is a receiver so he walks at one speed and that is super fast.
He is our district leader.

There is a tradition here in the state of Veracruz for New Years. They make these giant old people ine spanish its viejos which just means old person. Then they burn them at midnight on New Years and its like symbolic of burning away your old life and starting a new or something.I don't know. They just creep me out haha. Some of them look very realistic.

Dear Mom,

The house looks awesome! I love the table! The windows are sick. Make sure you keep sending me pictures of all of your projects! SO like I said to dad, I'm an idiot, I totally forgot to tell you last Monday that I got the Christmas packages! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much! I loved absolutely everything but especially the arch supports haha. I can finally walk without pain! The first couple days using them were pretty sore but now I'm used to them again so everything is great! Thank you so much mommy! 

Life is great here! This week cooled off quite a bit. It was in the upper to mid 60s.  I was like that most of the week and pretty rainy. It felt SOOOO NICE! Everybody was wearing their winter coats obviously and walking around wrapped up in blankets, while I was wearing my short sleeved shirts. Everybody assumed I was freezing because that is what I was wearing so they would invite me inside to give me hot chocolate and stuff and offer me a blanket. 

Luckily they didn't see me sweating though because it was the easiest week to get into the door I have had so far! haha. One thing I love about the people of Mexico is their kindness in general. Even if they are strictly Catholic and want nothing to do with our church they will usually still invite you in to give you some water or something or if they are eating dinner they will offer to give you some. I absolutely love this because most of the time they don´t think they want to hear what representatives of Jesus Christ have to say until they have listened. 

One of our recent investigators said that we are helping him on his journey for truth that he didn't even know he was on it. I'm sure I have said this before (probably a hundred times) but the power of the Holy Ghost is real. It works. I love telling people that I don't want them to believe anything that comes out of my mouth, but rather to pray about the words we share and then believe in those feelings they receive. 

This past week we completed all of our goals because so many people were willing to accept us in when they thought I was cold. If only it was that temperature all the time, we would have our own stake of recent converts by now! haha.

Anyways I hope you got the pictures. random question, did they baptize before Christ or was that not part of the Law of Moses?

That is all the time I have for now! I love you all! TENGA EXITO!

Te amo mucho
Elder Hackleman

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