Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Skype From Elders

Elder S. Hackleman is serving in Mexico and his brother is in Peru.  Even though they are both Spanish speaking, the accents are very different.  Elder J. Hackleman from Peru finds the Mexican accent funny.  Uncle Joel went to Argentina on his mission and he said when he got back to Idaho he couldn't understand Mexican Spanish very well.  It is fun to hear them talk.

Both missionaries have lost six belt sizes on their missions although they both report they are eating well, the hot temperatures and lots of walking contribute to slim waist sizes.  Add to the fact that both brothers had surgery right before they left on their missions so they weren't able to work out like they usually do so they added a little extra weight thanks to their mom's good cooking.  S Hackleman had shoulder surgery and J Hackleman had knee surgery.  Both are rehabbing very well on their missions.  Football and soccer took a toll on them both before they left but a two year mission is a fantastic way to recover.

Best Day Of The Year
Skyping two missionaries at once
They even made the family go out of the room all except Nathan since he is turning 16 soon so they wanted to have a private talk with him.

Missionary Name Tags

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