Monday, January 19, 2015

If You Could Hie to Kolob

Kolob - The Star Nearest The Throne of God

Yesterday the sky was really clear. We were walking down the road and I looked up and saw the constellation of Orion, right above us. It was really cool. Then I saw a really bright star close by that literally was twinkling. I have never seen that before. I started thinking about the song, “If You Could Hie to Kolob.”

Kolob – The Star nearest the Throne of God, Abraham 3:2-3, 9

Abraham saw Kolob and the stars:Abr. 3:2–18;

The Lord’s time is reckoned according to the time of Kolob:Abr. 3:4, 9; ( Abr. 5:13; )

Hey mommy! 

So first off, I feel kind of dumb for that question about baptism. I didn’t really think it through all the way haha. I just wanted to ask a question because I hadn’t for a while but then I remembered the 31st chapter of Nephi. That one should have given it away and I use that all the time with investigators! haha. But here is another one that I think I know the answer to, but it doesn’t really matter how many prophets are on the earth right? For some reason I always thought there could only be one, but obviously there were more than that at any given time.

I like your object lesson though! Speaking of which I wanted to ask you if you could go back to your seminary days and give me a list of object lessons I could use? I have used quite a few of them and the elders think I’m an object lesson dictionary because they like them so much but I need more!

Haha, (don’t worry I give all the credit to the best seminary teacher/mom I’ve ever had.) I have been using a deck of cards and doing magic tricks and tying it in to following the Holy Ghost haha.

The guys name who is going to Sweden is Dago Gamboa. I don’t know his full name.

I totally love your projects! The sad thing is they will probably all be completely different by the time I get home so I will never get to see them in person:( haha. Really though, you have been working hard!

It is pretty crazy I am almost to my 6 month mark! I have my tie already to burn and everything! The problem is I like all of my ties and I didn’t want to burn any of them but then I found an old tie an elder left in our house. It’s kind of cheating but I claimed it. haha. Time is flying by! I have been in my first area for 4 months now. Changes are on the 2nd of February. I am about %95 sure I will be leaving.

We had interviews with president Cordova on Saturday. They went really well! My comp thinks I will get made senior companion but who knows. I’m cool with whatever

We also had stake conference and president spoke at that too sense he was here. It was very good and very inspired. He started off his talk by thanking everyone for the help and service they give his missionaries. Then he said to please only serve fruits and vegetables for lunch from now on because the missionaries have repeatedly reported that they don’t like tacos and hamburgers. hahaha. Everybody laughed so hard, especially because my comp and I are both gringos. haha. So that night my favorite family in the ward invited us over and made us some amazing burgers. They had Thousand Island dressing and everything. I felt right at home! It was awesome:)

Everything is great here! The weather is heating up again. Last week it was pretty cool again so I really enjoyed it but it is pretty warm today. Today for Pday, we spent almost all day at the house of Felipe, (our bread maker guy). He showed us how to make my favorite thing in the world, bolivanis. It took a while but I know how to make them now so I can do it when I come home! It will change your life. haha. We made 45 of them and he is giving them all to us! I am so happy I can’t even explain.

Best P-Day Ever
I learned how to make this amazing bread from my favorite bread-maker in Mexico!

I have taken your challenge and am doing very well so far. I write in my journal every single day and talk about how I noticed the Lord´s hand in my day. It really has made me appreciate and notice things more, for example, yesterday the sky was really clear. We were walking down the road and I looked up and saw the constellation of Orion, right above us. It was really cool but then I saw a really bright star close by that literally was twinkling. I have never seen that before. I started thinking about the song, “If you could Hie to Kolab,”which brings me another doctrinal question, What exactly is Kolab? Is it a star that they think is heaven? I’m not really sure.

Thank you for the pictures! I love seeing the fam! by the way I’m super proud of you for doing so well in school. That seems funny to me because my whole life I have had great parents who have motivated me to do well in school and now the role has kind of reversed haha.

Sometimes I have doubts too about what I’m doing. That is natural. Everybody knows how much I love football and sometimes during the middle of a really tough workout I would think about how much easier it would be to just quit. Sometimes even here on my mission when appointments fall through and we have been walking in the hot sun all day, I think about how much easier it would be to just give up for the day and go back to the house but one thing I noticed is we only start to improve when it gets hard. In football, you don’t get better until you are tired. In missionary work you don’t find people until you have done all that you can do physically and mentally, and then put your trust in the Lord to do the rest. I can’t even tell you how many times after I would push that thought out of my mind, right afterwards we would bump into someone in the street, or walk past a member’s house who was really sick or their dad had just died. Those are the moments when we progress. I’m just happy you aren’t a quitter because I’m going to need a really smart mom to remind me how to do algebra afterwards.

Thanks for everything! I can’t believe the Laws and the Hadleys are gone... how expensive do you think it would be to send a loaf of zucchini bread in the mail...?

te amo mucho mamá. cuídese mucho.

elder hackleman mas grande

On Mon, Jan 19, 2015 at 11:37 AM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder S. Hackleman,

How was your week? We are all doing great here. Everyone is healthy. Your brothers have today off for Martin Luther King Jr. day. They were pretty excited about that! We had a General Priesthood meeting with our new Stake Presidency last night. It was awesome. You will really like them. Pres. Derrick is not afraid to use technology in his training! It was a nice change. He answered a question that I have always wanted to understand. He said that much of the battle between good and evil happens in our heads. It shouldn't be whether or not there is the absence of the battle, but whether we are battling each day to make progress. If there is a battle, then we know we are on the right side. Anyway, I thought it was pretty interesting.

So you've probably already heard. Seahawks and Patriots in the Super Bowl. We have to start planning our menu! Wish you were here to enjoy! Send me some of your favorite Mexican foods and we'll make them up here in honor of you!

What's happening down there? Are there any pictures or stories to share? Grandma put some money in your account.

Anyway, keep working hard and focused! (I know you will)

¡Te amo hijo!


Hey daddy! That is awesome! I love Brother Derrick. If you see him, tell him hi for me. Grandma told me it was Washington and Patriots... hmm I think I trust you more. So Sea-hawks could do it 2 years in a row? Has that ever happened before? Let me know how it goes.

My favorite dish is called Mole, but I doubt you guys would like it. I probably wouldn’t have before my mission. My taste buds have really adapted haha. I ate mumdungo two Sundays in a row last week and the week before. It is a delicacy here, but I have yet to find a gringo who likes it. Mundungo is cow intestine. It kind of tastes like dirt and fingernails, with the texture of the back of a stingray. That is the only thing I haven’t liked so far. They do a ton of chicken here so we have a lot of chicken tacitos and stuff. I love those. Thanks for the money. I am completely out again. I have been for a couple weeks and we have changes coming up so I will need it. Also the ward temple trip is coming up this Saturday. We don’t go obviously, but I wanted to have one of the members by me a new scripture case and bring it back for me. My first companion had an old beat up one and it ripped right before he left. I felt bad and gave him my good one I bought right before I left but now I don’t have one and I don’t want my scriptures to get damaged.

Read moms message about transfers so you can know what is going on. Everything is great down here! I forgot a story that I meant to tell mom so make sure she reads this too. So first of all, I found a guy in the street. He said he lived in the US for a while and asked me where I was from. When I said Nebraska he was way excited because apparently he lived in Lincoln for like 2 years haha. That was crazy!

A man told me an inspirational story.
He read from The Book of Mormon his wife had gotten from us missionaries.
He then went fishing. He did not have any food to feed his family.
He was relying on the fish he would catch to feed them.
He caught more fish then he had ever caught before.
So much he even shared with the neighbors.
Now he is taking the missionary lessons with his family.

Here is the best thing that happened all week. This is about a family we have been teaching. Well mostly the mom and her two kids like 12 and 14 years old. The dad is never around when we teach but recently he has been there so we started teaching him to. He told us he wanted to learn more about our church because a couple days before he picked up the blue bible we gave his wife and started reading it right before he went fishing. He said they didn't have any money and was going to rely on the fish he caught for food the next couple of days. He said it was a terrible day to fish and didn’t expect to catch anything. He read a few pages in The Book of and then left. He said it was curious because he has never caught so much fish in his life. They had so much they shared with their neighbors. We had never taught him anything but because of this experience he has a testimony of The Book of Mormon. I’m out of time to explain but it is awesome how the Lord works sometimes.

Love you dad thanks for everything

Elder Hackleman

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