Friday, August 28, 2015

Transferred to Orisaba, Mexico! Missionary letters June 8, 2015

Sleep over with the zone leaders!
We had to all defend our favorite soccer teams!

Last baptism in the Waters of Mormon!!!!
I have a baptismal font in my new area.

My companion is shy.
I'll bet he won't be after pairing up with me.

My new companion in front of our house!!!

Chicatanas. Last day in Huatusco I had these delicacy's... eating them live does not taste too good. It also tends to give you severe diarrhea but hey, I will try anything once. You get over the diarrhea though. When they are fried and crushed up in salsa, they taste awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got pretty sick after eating them so I won't try those again anytime soon.

Hey mom! So sadly I did get changed. It was pretty hard to leave Hu├ínuco to be honest. I had so much success there and so much more coming, (we have like 9 more baptisms planned for this month), but I guess the Lord said it was time for me to go somewhere else. I got a call from President Cordova on Saturday night. He basically just told me how happy he was with the work I was doing in Huatusco and that he wanted me to go help out another area that wasn’t doing so well. He also told me I was going to be District Leader and that he wants me to teach my district 'my ways of success¨ haha I don’t know my ways of success! I just do it!!! I just work my hardest and then the Lord makes up for the other 90%! Oh well. Needless to say I am pretty excited. I got changed to a large city named Orisaba. I got permission to go back to Huatusco for some of my baptisms there if I have time!!! I am only like an hour away so they said I could! I have a few baptisms coming up and they really, really want me to be the one to baptize them and I got permission!!! Super cool! Orisaba is the only other city that has cooler temperatures like Huatusco in the entire mission! That makes me super happy because that means I won’t have to suffer this summer in any of the miserably hot zones, (everywhere else you could possibly go), during the hottest months, (April through September), until the end of my mission! I’m good with that because then I will just sweat a bunch and get super skinny before I come home! Plus if I come home in June, I will only suffer for a couple of months! I am pretty thankful for that. I guess the Lord knows I won’t work very effectively if I am swimming in my own sweat.

My new companion’s name is Elder Hinojosa. Have fun saying that one!! haha Jaren can help you if you need it. Blessings of having a brother who served Spanish speaking. haha. He has about a year and a half in his mission. He is super quiet but so far we have gotten along really well! He won’t be to quiet when I’m finished with him though, don’t worry. I will send you some pictures of him and our house here.

That is super cool you got to see the Silers!! How areJaren and Chelsie doing?? Speaking of zoo, there is one here in Orisaba! Oh I am sooooo happy! I saw it when I came in on the bus!!! It is free99 also!!!!!! It was super funny looking. It is basically a long sidewalk that just cuts through a bunch of random animals, haha. The cages look like they are about to fall over with the camels, but hey a zoo is a zoo!!! Totally pumped for that p-day activity!!!

Who are the Johnsons? I don’t think I know them. Have you heard from Daniel about my cows???

Love you mom!!! Thanks for everything!!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 9:03 AM, Amy wrote:

How are you doing today? Did you get transferred? If so, tell the details:)

Quinn Siler was invited to a Science fair an UNMC for a couple of days so Trissha came and stayed with us Thursday-Saturday. We had a good time going to the zoo and stuff:)

Friday night and Saturday morning we had a devotional with Sister Reeves from the General Relief Society presidency as well as a counselor from the general primary and young women's. It was a wonderful meeting. Trissha and Chelsey went with me on Friday and just Trissha went with me on Saturday. Jaren and Chelsey took the Walker kids to their football games on Saturday so Albany and Bishop Walker could go to the meetings with the authorities.

Last night we had the Johnson's over for smores. It's been an eventful week:)

Grant left this morning for scout camp. Nathan isn't going. He chose work over scout camp although he is only scheduled a few hours this week. I guess he just isn't into scouts:(

I can't wait to hear about your week!

Love mom

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