Friday, August 28, 2015

Last week in Huatusco, Mexico. Missionary letters June 1, 2015

Last p-day in Huatusco!

We got stormed. hard. the drainage systems backed up so there was about 5 feet of water in the street. Needless to say, we had to go home to change because we got a little wet. 

Do you know what kind of fruit this is?

It is a fruit that I have never heard seen or eaten before. Actually most people here don't even know about it. A member of our church sells them though and gives some to us every once in a while.

 It is the strangest thing I have ever seen. It has a hard pokey shell that peels off to reveal a jelly type center but it is hardish but soft. I'm not really sure how to explain it actually. It totally reminds me of the forbidden fruit!!!! hahaha

Tacos de pastor. Best thing on the planet. You can find this on every block here in Veracruz. It is a giant meet wheel. I don't remember how to say this type of meet in English. It rotates around a fire. When you make an order they take a giant samurai sword looking deal and slice off the meet for your tacos. I want this at my wedding party!!!! haha

We had to do a little posing.

Our baptism!

I baptized this 80 year old women!
She can hardly walk on her own so I carried her!

I love her!

It was the most spiritual baptism ever!

Isn't she beautiful!

One last trip to the statue before I leave this beautiful place.

Good morning mother of mine! How art thou? I was wondering when Jaren and Chelsey's marriage was going to be facebook official! I can't figure out why he didn't just propose to her on facebook! All the cool kids are doing it these days! haha. I still can't believe it! It is so crazy! I feel like grandma doesn't like it too much... she sent me and email last week saying she was worried about him. haha. I'm more worried about Chelsey!!! I'm not sure she fully understands what she is getting herself into! I guess she will find out the next fourth of July at the family reunion right? haha:) Wow that word looks really weird.... I don't think I spelled it right. gosh dangit! why did they have to build the dang tower of Babel! Why can't we just all speak Spanish!!!! This whole 'change language' thing is really putting a cramp in my style.

So transfers weren't this week. They are next week but I am for sure going. I just don't know where yet. It was pretty funny because we had another baptism this week. Our district leader was going to come up here to do the interview when we found out President Cordova was in the area and wanted to come and do it. It was cool because he has never been to Huatusco yet, so he brought his whole family up here and spent a few hours with us. We then went to our house of prayer for the interview. When he got there, President asked me if I would like to do the interview with him. First off I have never heard of that ever happening so I wasn't really sure what to say haha, but I said yeah and so he and I went and did the interview!!!! Obviously I can't say what happened in the interview but at the end, president Cordova bore his testimony about President Monson, and basically just said how great of friends they are!!! It was super cool. Anyways, afterwards I got calls from our district leader and zone leaders and stuff asking about it because nobody has ever been able to do something like that with president, so they were all kind of jealous haha. My zone leaders mentioned it was training, which makes me think I will be leaving here as a district leader. That would be cool but I haven't even been senior companion yet! haha. It'll be cool though if I do!

Anyways I had a good time with president and we had our baptism this week. My companion and I have the potential to set the mission record for the most consecutive baptisms!!!! The problem is I will be leaving so I won't be here if they do, (even though all of the people are people I have found), but that isn't what is important. I'm just happy they will be getting baptized!!!! We have some really really cool investigators. I will be super sad to leave Huatusco.

Anyways, how is life at home? How are the children's?? Have you heard anything about my cows??? Oh and what is uncle Jared's email address? I was telling my companion about that audio recording he did a while ago when he was 'looking' for grandma in the airport. I didn't do it justice and would rather just show him, so I wanted to ask to see if he still had it. haha.

So what happened with Elder Perry? I heard he passed away? What happened? Who is the new apostle?

Everything is good here! I hope you got my pictures! Love you Mommie!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 9:25 AM, Amy wrote:

It's Facebook official now. Jaren and Chelsey posted on facebook Saturday evening that they are engaged. I don't have to keep it a secret anymore ha ha.

How has your week been going? Are you fully recovered from your sickness?

Jaren is in Utah and will be driving back today and tomorrow. He and Chelsey are going to be staying over and Grandma Karen's on the way back. Hopefully that goes ok. She has been freaking out a little. It'as hard to have your grandson grow up:)

Did you get transferred? I can't wait to hear from you!

Love Mom

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