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Missionary Letters May 25, 2015

This is my little buddy that I baptized this week!

This is called Mole. I totally love it!

 I wont tell you what all is in it thought because then you will never try it. (Eventually Elder Hackleman revealed some of the ingredients), he said, "I don't even remember what all it has. Some of the few, are chocolate, many different kinds of peppers, animal crackers, olives, peanuts, bananas, sesame seeds.. and about 12 other things. Some of which I don't know how to say in English haha."

Sorry this picture is kind of dark, but a return missionary just got home from our little branch. He served on the other side of Mexico.

Baptism pics. This is José and his sister, (I baptized his sister last month).

¡Buenas días mamá! First off I want to thank you for all of your prayers. I was pretty miserable last Monday, but by Tuesday I was feeling much better and Wednesday or Miercoles in Spanish because I don’t think I spelled that right in English, I was back to normal!! I had a fever and a headache and a sore throat and sore muscles. I think those were all of the symptoms.

That is absolutely the funniest thing on the face of the planet about Jaren!!! I feel bad for Chelsie though! Apologize for the hospitality my older brother did NOT show! haha. I can’t believe they are getting married.... make sure you take tons of pictures today for me! I want to see it all!

Anyways, transfers are coming up. I’m pretty disappointed because I have so much work to do here, but I know I can do it in my new area too. I have been hearing rumors that president is going to send me to Mocambo. It is a zone in the Port of Veracruz that is apparently struggling a lot. It is actually the worst zone in the mission. For some reason they just aren’t baptizing. Everybody is scared that I will get sent there except for me. One thing that I have learned is that if you work hard, you baptize. It’s simple. Nobody had baptized here in Huatusco for 6 months before I got here. In 3 months I have had 5, and have 5 more lined up for the next two weeks. Not that I was the one who did any of that, obviously it was thanks to the hand of the Lord, but the Lord blesses you if you work hard. It is all about the work and the attitude, so I won’t let the reputation of a zone get to me. Plus, there is an Aquarium in Mocambo! I could go there on P-days! Totally worth it! I am not positive that is where I am going yet, but that is the rumor.

That is pretty cool Nathan is working at the fields again!!! Even though Tim isn’t there. Speaking of which, have you heard from Tim Law? How has he been?

este parte, es para mi hermano amado. Me tiene que mandar muchos fotos cuando hace La Pregunta con la señora Chelsie (not shelbie). si no recibo nada, le voy a matar. no sé como, pero buscaré una manera. especialmente, quiero ver su anillo. Fetch amigo, no puedo creer! Felicidades la verdad:)

I will send Jaren his own email but he has to promise to actually respond!!!!

Anyways mom. have fun on the trip!!! Thanks for the prayers. I really do appreciate it.

Elder Hackleman

I love you all!!!!

On Mon, May 25, 2015 at 6:19 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

How are you doing? More importantly, how are you feeling? Did you end up going to the doctor? What all symptoms did you have and do you have. What aches and pains do you have? Are you still running a fever?

How has your week been?

Chelsey flew in Saturday night for a surprise visit. Everyone knew she was coming with the exception of Jaren. I told him I was going to do a food order and actually went to the airport and picked her up. When we got home she got out of the car and waited on the front porch for a few minutes. I went in through the garage and started talking to the family. Everyone was in the living room. Then Chelsey just walked through the front door. Jaren's reaction was priceless. He did not have the response I would have expected. He just sat there in complete and utter shock. He looked around the room at each one of us. One by one, the realization that we all knew and were not surprised, and he was the only one who didn't know. I guess in the spur of the moment and in the middle of his shock, this, for some reason, made him mad. In a way he felt like it was a joke on him. We all laughed at his reaction, which only magnified his anger and then made him embarrassed. All and all, it was a terrible reaction. Poor Chelsey was still just standing there and Jaren hadn't said a thing to her.

Finally he came to his senses enough to at least acknowledge her presence. He said, "What are you doing here?" Still not the best reaction. After what seemed like an eternity, which in real time was probably about 5 or 10 seconds, he got up and went across the room to Chelsey to see if she was real. He thought he was imagining things and his eyes were deceiving him. We all continued to laugh hysterically because we just couldn't help ourselves. Then we started explaining all the lies we had been telling him to pull off this big surprise. We did learn a lesson, Jaren does not like surprises, but he sure was happy Chelsey was there.

She will be here until Tuesday morning, then she flies back to Utah. Jaren will be flying to Utah on Friday and will be picking her up and bringing her back here to live for the summer. She is going to be house sitting for the Johnson's up the street. They are going out of town for the summer.

Today, everyone has the day off for Memorial day, so we are taking a road trip to Liberty Jail and Adamondiomin. It should be a nice day.

The boys are out of school for the summer. Nathan went out to the fields on Friday to talk to the new manager about working there this summer. He starts work on Tuesday. He is going to be working the t-shirt press primarily.

I sure love you. I can't wait to hear from you. I asked everyone in the family to pray for you this week since you have been sick. We love you so much!



Message from Elder Hackleman.

Road Trip to Adam-ondi-Ahman which is a historic site in Daviess County, Missouri about five miles south of Jameson. It is located along the east bluffs above the Grand River.

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