Monday, September 15, 2014

District Bonding Time

I got to see Emily Smith at the Missionary Training Center.  She is in the Chevron Shirt.  Emily is from the same Stake as me back in Omaha.  We left on our missions on week a part.

Occasionally all of the elders in my district get together for District Bonding Time. We used the time wisely as you can easily see.

Thank you sooo much for all of the Dear Elders!! They just make my day! I'm sorry about your toe:( Grantish, this is for you so listen carefully. Go outside with Nathan, right now (I mean after you are done cleaning toilets) and throw the football to him using the laces like normal (if you don't know how have Nathan help). Then I want you to do the SAME EXACT THING but between your legs. Hold the ball with the laces the same way and everything. look between your legs as you do it and just "throw" him a pass. It may take some time but I promise if you do it a whole bunch of times you will be the second best center Papio South has ever seen! (next to me of course;) Nathan I wish I had some advice to help you out with show choir but I never tried out. so Lo ciento:( (that means I'm sorry). But in terms of your singing, every once in a while put your finger right below your nose like you are giving yourself a finger mustache. If you feel your nose vibrating on the side of your finger, then that means you are singing to much through your nose. You can use that technique to practice until it doesn't vibrate. Work hard in that class! I started a good legacy there so keep it going;) Love you all tons! La Iglesia De Jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadera!

Olive Juice

Elder (good looking) Hackleman

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