Monday, October 6, 2014

Letters Came Late- But they are here, Yeah!

One of my teachers at the Missionary Training Center

Elders in Mexico

Half my district at 2:00 am as we are headed to the airport to fly to Mexico

Elder Hackleman said many of the 12 missionaries he was flying with had never been on a plane and they were very nervous about flying.  He told his companion, "You don't have to worry one bit, we have about a 50/50 chance of surviving the flight and since we are going on 3 today, well, anyway don't worry.  I'm not sure he understood Elder Hackleman's humor.

This Elder was at the Missionary Training Center with my brother
Elder J Hackleman, now we are both serving in Mexico!
How lucky is he, to get to serve with both Hackleman Brothers

The first new word I learned when I got to Mexico is "fuertzo."  It means strong haha. Everybody says that when they see me.

Another teacher at the Missionary Training Center

My first companion in Mexico.  He is from Guadalajara, Mexico

Gringos watching General Conference together in English

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 9:12 AM, Amy wrote:

Elder S Hackleman,

We had a great weekend watching conference. Yesterday we were just getting finished eating breakfast 10 minutes before conference was going to start and we got a call from Elder Wamsley wondering if he could come to our house to watch conference. We told him sure, and a few minutes later he and 3 other elders showed up. One of the missionaries with him was Elder Roberts. It was great to see him. They stayed the entire day watching conference with us. Luckily we had plenty of food prepared, as we always do on conference weekend so they didn't go hungry.

In-between sessions Elder Roberts took Nathan outside and taught him how to do a back flip. Nathan is a natural:)

Anyway while Elder Roberts was here he was texting Elder Lambert and he asked for your email address. I think he is going to be writing you. I think I told you I saw Lambert at the temple a few weeks ago. It was good to see him too.

Elder Roberts missionary companion was so cool. He is from Kaysville, Utah and he played offensive line on his high school football team. We really enjoyed talking to him. He also sang in the Capella choir. He could have been your twin you two share so many of the same interests.

So, hopefully all is going well, I can't wait to hear of your adventures this past week!

Love always,


That is so awesome! I absolutely loved conference. Especially Elder Bednar´s Sunday session talk. It was completely perfect. We had so many investigators with us it was EXACTLY what they needed to hear! That´s cool about the elders too!! Yeah I saw so many of my friends in the priesthood choir. The choir director specifically asked me to be in it but sadly I told him I would already be in Mexico. I think he wanted me to sing that solo.

 It´s so crazy here mom. The work is amazing. I already committed this girl to baptism and we have so many investigators. It´s also like 100 degrees every day with like 98 percent humidity in the area I´m at. I’m not in Veracruz, I´m in an area called Carlos A Carillo, in Tuxtepec. It´s super hot. I have lost 10 pounds this week and I have eaten soooo much food. Goodness the food is great haha. My first meal with a member was enchiladas Verde with carrot soup. She made about 10 for each elder (there are 4 of us here). Lunch is the main meal so they go all out for it and make a ton of food. The next few days were with members who made American food for us like pizza and hamburgers and stuff. Soo good. In Mexico they eat a ton of chicken. They use chicken in everything. I have one of the nicest missionary houses in Tuxtepec. Our bedroom has air-conditioning. That is almost unheard of here but I´m not complaining! haha.

My comp is awesome. He is from Guadalajara. I am teaching him English while he helps me with my Spanish so it works out great. It´s funny because he says I have perfect pronunciation so whenever we are teaching members or investigators he asks them how long they think I have been in Mexico. The shortest amount of time I have heard so far was 7 months haha. When they find out it was only like my third day, they are completely blown away! Oh and I learned the meaning of "fuertzo" really quick. It means strong haha. Everybody says that when they see me. Anyways I don´t have any pictures of our house or anything, those will have to wait but I will send you some of our district and stuff! Love you! Sorry again for not being able to call in Mexico City!

Tell Nathan that is awesome that he learned how to do a back flip. I can do one too:) ish. in the pool:) But then again, i´m not allowed to swim sooooo.... Tell him as soon as he can do one off of the roof, then I will send him a little sumthin sumthin from Mexico;)

Mom i forgot to ask about school! How´s it going? have you learned the difference between light waves, radio waves, and micro waves, on the visible light spectrum yet??? Te amo!!!
Love you mom,

Elder S Hackleman

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