Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Letters This Week

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 6:22 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder S Hackleman,

How are you doing? What's new this week?

I am in Idaho right now. I had a friend from the ward who was coming to Idaho on a week long trip so I jumped in for the ride. I got here late Saturday evening.

Yesterday I went to church with Troy and Christie in Blackfoot then we went to Grandma Polly's house. Her sister Luanne and Loa were both there so we had a good visit with them, then we went to Joel's and visited with them and then on to Daniel's and back to Christie's. Today I hope to catch up with Jared and Daniel. It's a fun time, but I still have to get my homework done somehow, so I am up at 5:00 a.m. working on it.

I might not be getting a lot of sleep, but it sure is fun.

I sure love you!



mom thats crazy! By the way sorry for the typos, this keyboard is weird. who did you ride with? tell everyone hi for me and i would love to hear from them! i am on a different computer so i will try again to send the pictures. i love you! Nothing much knew this week except my comp and i got to burn some stuff on our roof last night. one of our investigators sort of had a Santa Muerte statue. (the translation is basically Diablo, or the devil) she was praying to it so our zone leaders told us we had to take it. she gave it to us willingly but we didnt know what to do with it so we found a lighter and had some fun haha. love you!

Also, we have weights in our house so I get to lift every morning. haha that reminds me of a story. So our zone leaders stay the night with me and my comp once a week when they come out to interview our investigators for baptism, because we have the nicest house, they stay with us. One of them is a pretty big Mexican who wants to play line backer for BYU after his mission. The other missionaries in our district were here also so there were like 10 elders in our house. They all wanted to know how I got so strong so I told them about our work outs I did in high school. We did some arm wrestling competitions. Let me put it this way, Elder Hackleman is undefeated and one of the times I beat two guys at once. So my nickname is the hulk now sadly because one of the elders was talking a lot of smack because he could do a one handed push up so I did a push up with my companion standing on my back hahaha. Good times.

I did a push up with my companion standing on my back
My nickname is the hulk

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