Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Photo's From Mexico

My First Baptism In Mexico
I would say she reminds me of a Mexican version of Courtney Michaelson but then I remembered, Courtney basically is Mexican.
So she reminds me of Courtney! (in the white)

Courtney is trying to figure out what Elder Hackleman is talking about.
She is the one on the left.

Another picture of Courtney
with the 3 Amigos

We Love Courtney!

This is Ricco.
He is a nice guy.
He likes to sleep on the wall above my bed.
He doesn't talk much

The two guys in the suit coats are in our ward.

This is their farewell we had last night.

They are both leaving on their missions this week.

One is going to Mexico City and the one on the right is going to the same mission as Brenton!!

This is my district eating Chinese food today.
The guy to the left of me is leaving tomorrow for his mission in Mexico City.
He is in our ward

That was what I had for lunch yesterday.
I forget what it was called but it changed my life.

Today we had a service project cleaning out an old ladies home.

I got a little bit sick from all of the dust but I am feeling a bit better.
It was pretty uh.... intense.

We cleaned up dead tarantulas!

Yes I said tarantulas. I about died.
For those of you who don't know, Elder Hackleman only has two fears in life, needles and spiders.

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