Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Huatusco, Mexico Mission Pictures

This picture was taken from the window of our apartment. We live at the top of the city and it looks out over Huatusco.

This is a cool park we have right next to our apartment.
It was really foggy one day so I thought it would be a cool picture.

Me by the window of our apartment today right before we went to get our hair cut.

We found this guy to cut our hair. He was super nice and cut it for free because he thought what we do was so cool. I told him we have to have a line in our hair where we part it, but otherwise he could cut it however he wanted. He actually shaved a line into my head. Not sure if you can see it but it was kind of funny. I can't complain because it was free. This is how all of the pro soccer players have their hair, haha.

Maybe you can see it better with this one.
(Side Note From Mom: I saw the soda bottle in the background of this picture and asked if he was drinking coke.  On his mission it is against the rules.  He said, "Heck no, I would never break mission rules. The only mission rule is we can't have coke or pepsi, that is... I don't know what its called in English haha. Here in Mexico it is called apple soda. It is very popular and delicious.")

I took this picture from the bus window so it might be a little blurry. Sorry.

Picture taken from the bus window.

The branch president owns a tortilla shop and this is the name of it. I thought it quite the coincidence that he named it after the Urim and Thummim, (that is how it is spelled in Spanish.)

Here I am with Elder Charlton and Elder Jones, (they were comps in the MTC and both love Jaren.) Elder Charlton is the zone leader of Orisaba which borders my zone. Our zones got together to listen to the President area Elder De Hoyes talk.
Elder Jones is in my zone. They wanted me to tell you hi Jaren!!!!

So here I am with Jaren's buddy from the MTC, Elder Charlton.This was when I first got to Mexico and he was in the mission offices. This guy is awesome. I totally love him.

This is the receipt for my laundry. I told them my name was Elder Hackleman and this is how they spelled it. Very close haha.

Another Roof Top Picture

Next Monday we are going to the top of this mountain with some members. I can't wait!

More pictures from our roof.

This little guy is called a mega torta. The other day, the member we were supposed to eat with forgot so they just gave us some money to buy something. We got these. They are stuffed with about every kind of meat imaginable. I have never been so full in my life and they were only like 50 pesos (less than 5 bucks).

Oh it is absolutely amazing, but so filling.
I actually saved the meat that fell out and fried it with some scrambled eggs this morning.
Not bragging or anything but could have been one of my better ideas ever.

This is my laundry bag.
It ripped so I decided to teach myself how to sew.
I think it looks pretty amazing personally.
(See Grant's thoughts about Seth's sewing on Jaren's blog.)

We don't have a church, we have what is called una casa de oracion or a prayer house. Here is our chapel!

This is the Cultural Hall

The Primary Room

Here is my little buddy I found on the side of the road by our house. I wonder if it's a relative to the cow I'm buying back at Uncle Daniels to help fund my mission?

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