Monday, February 2, 2015

I Love Mexico-Miracles Happen!

This is the great big river that runs through Corillo.
The smoke stacks is called the Ingenio.
This area is known for its sugar cane.
That is a sugar factory in the background.
Pretty much everybody who lives in Carlos a Carrillo works there.
It is kind of like Cabelas in Sidney.

Here is my old district

So you will never believe it but their is a member that we teach a lot. She is a teacher at the elementary school in Carlos A Carrillo. Apparently every year they do a teacher exchange thing when teachers come down from the US and teach with them. This year it was a teacher from Maryland and she brought this big thing of Old Bay seasoning as a gift! hahahaha our member had no idea what to do with it so I gave her some ideas to use including a simple marinade with chicken. I didn't think she would like a low country boil so I didn't share that recipe.

Hey mommi!!! I am so good it isn't even funny. We had transfers today so that is why I'm writing later than normal.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to write at all, but they gave us the day off so we can wash our clothes and stuff.  Normally we begin proselyting at 6 on Mondays.

So here is the deal about my pan guy. Here in Mexico, there are little tiny stores all over the place and people just have them in their houses. Well sort of, it is hard to explain but everybody has a fence and like a little garage overhang thing, but usually not big enough to fit a car. They are mostly just protection from the rain. So a lot of people start a little tienda (or store) in this overhang part.  They sell things like potato chips and eggs and flour and stuff. A lot of the houses are giant concrete squares. Every window has metal bars covering them. Always, like on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when uncle Vernon put the gate on Harry´s window because Dobby dropped the cake on his aunt? Yeah just like that. 

Anyways this guy just sells it through the metal bars. It isn't uncommon. Sadly I'm not in that area anymore so I cant take a picture. I do have a picture with him though! I don't remember if I told you but he taught us how to make Bolovanis one p-day. My favorite thing ever!  I took pictures of us doing that and the cara de gato.  I doubt you will be able to find it online honestly. The thing is everybody sells pan dulce here (sweet bread). and everybody does it a little bit differently so you have to try the same thing at different places and then decide what you like best. I think a lot of the names for the breads are local, so they are probably called different things in different parts of Mexico.

Sweet Bread

Ok now for the fun part. Changes:) 

Miracle # 1 This week

I can't remember if I told you but I was pretty positive I was going to get changed this time because I have a ton of time in Carlos A. Carrillo. President Córdova has kind of a pattern of how he does his changes so it is pretty easy to predict where someone is going. The mission is divided up into two parts, the north and the south. The southern areas are immensely hot. and that is where I was. Usually he doesn't change missionaries from the south to the north or vis versa until they have at least been to all of the zones in that area.  Now according to his normal pattern everybody expected me to go to Tierra Blanca which is known throughout Mexico for its heat. Well I was pretty happy about that because you know how much I love the heat. 

The good thing is I don't sweat that much. NOT. haha. well I told my companion the night before that I am going to get called up north in the mountains of either Cordoba or Orisaba. He said I was crazy so I told him look, "as a missionary and a representative of Jesus Christ, you should know by now that God our loving Father in Heaven takes care of his children and wants the best for him. He took into account where I wanted to go for my mission, (to Mexico obviously), and He will take into account where I want to go ON my mission.

He knows that I will do my best where ever he sends me, but He also knows I will be more effective in an area where I am not drowning in my own sweat. Trust me. He's got my back." My comp elder Hourigan still said I was crazy and I was going to Tierra Blanca. 

Needless to say I am now in an area called Huatusco.  It is pronounced Watusco, the "usco" part is like Cusco in Emporers New Groove. Just so you know which just happens to be the area farthest North, and highest up in the mountains. It never gets hotter than about 80 degrees here.  Tierra Blanca in the summer is rarely under 120 degrees.  It rains a ton in this area and is beautiful beyond belief. 

Just as a little testimony strengthener, President Córdova sent me to an area that I am never going to want to leave.  My new comp is already my best friend.  His name is Elder Vega. and yes I have pictures of us together:) sorry I don't have any of the mountains or our house or anything yet because we literally just got here. Let me just say our house is on the top floor of a 6 story apartment complex and overlooks the city so I will get some incredible pictures. Our house is awesome to by the way.

Anyways, yeah I guess you could say I am a happy camper! 

I'm so excited to work and I already have members calling me on the phone as we speak to welcome me and stuff. It is a little branch of about 50 people. It's actually called a Casa de Oracion which means like prayer house because it doesn't even have enough priesthood to be a branch. 

You are going to love the pictures of my first baptism we have coming up here in the next week. I'm not going to tell you why, you will just have to wait and see:)

Our Area Authority Elder Hoyes, (I think that is how you spell his name), is coming this week to talk to us. I'm super pumped about that! Everyone says when an area authority comes they always planch us like a boss so that will be fun!

Did you by chance get the forwarded email I sent you from Joel? He offered to get me some Dr. Martins... I kind of need them but I would be embarrassed to say yes please. It is ok I can deal with these eccos I still have.


Oh and that family is so awesome! The kid who is next to me with the duck is my man and I love them so much! I actually wasn't even their real missionary because they lived in the area of the other elders in our district but then like a week ago they moved houses. That is actually a really cool story.

Miracle # 2 This week

Her name is XXXXX. Her kids have been baptized but she hasn't because she isn't married to the guy she lives with. She would rather separate from her boyfriend but doesn't want to have to do that to the kids, and she doesn't make enough money to afford a house on her own so she comes to church every Sunday and is basically an active member, but she cant get baptized.  The problem is she really wants to get baptized but can't afford to move out. 

One day she was praying for like 2 hours just pleading with God to provide a way for her to get baptized. She said she walked outside to go buy something and this guy came up to her in the street. He asked her if she was xxxxxx and she said yes.  He said he was a distant cousin of hers. and that she has a cousin who owns a house (in my area) who can't live their right now because she has to be in a different state to watch after her mom or something. Anyways, they just gave this house to her. She has since moved out and has a date for baptism for the 15 of this month. Isn't that awesome????

Ok, I hope I'm not forgetting anything but the internet cafe here is way nice so I will try and get caught up on my pictures finally!!!! I love you mom!!!

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 8:20 AM, Amy  wrote:

Dear Elder S. Hackleman,

How in the world are you today? We got a lot of snow on Sunday so they cancelled church and there is no school today. Party! Ha Ha. Except the boys shoveled people out all day yesterday and will need to do more of the same today. Our shovels broke from all the hard work so I need to pick up some new shovels first. I hope they aren't sold out ha ha.

We had a fun time as a family watching the super bowl. We didn't have as much food as we usually do because they guys were all tired from shoveling. We did have stuffed mushrooms and roast in caso dip, so the main things were still a part of the eating frenzy.

So that bread that you make called cat's face or something, I can't find it anywhere on the internet. Are you sure you are spelling it correctly? I wanted to look up the recipe. Can you take a picture with your bread guy sometime. If you can get a picture of his house and the window you buy the bread that would be so awesome. We can't really visualize how a person sells bread from their house window.

We got a facebook friend request from a family in Mexico and they tagged you in a couple of pictures. You are holding the duck. She said you are so wonderful and you teach piano and English class and they are very thankful.

Tuesday night I took the Duarte's to the temple. Brother Duarte told me he was from Veracruz and he has a lot of family that still live there. I will try and find out names for you if I can. He is interested in your progress.

The snow picture was taken on Sunday.

I sure love you.

Love Mom

Hey daddy!!! Thank you so much for the money! I havent checked it yet but I will try and do it this week. Joel offered to send me some shoes... I would feel really bad but I wonder if I should just use the money for pants. I sent a great big email to mom explaining my transfers and Yazmin! She is totally awesome! Christofer, is hilarious haha. That is awesome about your class though! P day was mostly all transfers today. so we won't do to much most likely just visit some of the families and stuff! We have to travel a lot in this area because it is huge! We have 3 towns in our area. We are the only missionaries this far up the mountain too:) I'm so excited I can't even explain:)

I cant believe Tom Brady won. I really liked Russel Wilson. Someone told me he threw a pick on the goal line! Freak he should have just run it in! That dude is so short he could just run in between the legs of the lineman! haha

Thanks for everything daddy! Sorry my letter is short today because I want to have time to send you guys some pictures! I will send them all to mom so you can all see them.

Gracias por todo mi papá. te amo muchisimo.


On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 10:05 PM, Tim wrote:

Dear Elder,

How was your week? We got snowed out of Church yesterday. A huge blizzard rolled in and laid 8 inches of snow all over. Then there was the wind and more snow. It was a good day to stay in, but we went and helped four families in the ward shovel their driveways. Everyone here is doing well. Nathan has to have his Wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. He can't get his braces off until he does. Well, at least he will already have them done before he leaves for his mission.

I am friends on FaceBook with Maria Yazmin Andrade Acosta. She sent me a couple of pictures of you. One was with a little boy named Chris? And you were holding a little yellow duck! She seems very nice. She posted a picture of her daughter. It looked like she was in a hospital bed?

Patriots won the Super Bowl. It was probably one of the best Super Bowls that I have seen. Football season is officially over.

I taught my first Advertising class at Midland University. It was really fun. It will be a fun class to teach. Now that I got the first one under my belt, the rest should be a lot less stressful.

Well tell us what has been happening. What are you guys going to do for p-day today? I put a little money into your account so you can get some pants that fit. Did you get transferred? I know you are busy, so make the most of the little time you have in that wonderful country.

I love you!


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