Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My New Companion

Elder Hackleman and Elder Vega, new Companionship

Dear Elder S. Hackleman,

Nathan didn't end up getting his wisdom teeth taken out on Friday. He went to seminary and while there he forgot and ate a cookie. Because of this they had to postpone the surgery. No food after midnight, not even a little cookie. He was so bummed. He ended up having to go to school. Everyone was wondering why he was there. He finally told a teacher he was there because a cookie just jumped in his mouth and before he knew what was happening it was going down his throat. They all had a good laugh. He is scheduled for wisdom teeth surgery a week from today. Now he is probably going to have to miss two days of school since he won't have the weekend to recover, but we couldn't do it on a Friday because he has show choir performances every weekend from here on out for the next couple of months.

Saturday night he had a little party with some friends over. They watched "The Maze Runner."

Hey mom! 

Tell Nathan that I HATE IT when those darn cookies just climb into my mouth. Drives me crazy. Clanking cookies. The Maze Runner is out??? I didn't even know! Is it good??? Isn't that the one you and I read the whole trilogy one day in Sidney when I was sick and couldn't go to school??? haha good times. 

I cant believe Grant is getting so tall. Make sure you tell him he isn't allowed to pass me up. Not possible though, Nathan has been trying for what, 15 years now? and he still hasn't.  (Side note from mom, Nathan is in fact taller than his brother Elder Hackleman so this is just a sarcastic sentence.  You have to know Elder Hackleman's humor). 

I would pay some serious pesos to have some snow here! Actually the weather here in my new area is incredible. It's pretty hot today but nothing like my last area! In Celsius its like 28, so in Fahrenheit I think it is about 80 degrees. (Side note 28 degree Celsius = 82.4 degree Fahrenheit). It's not super hot but the sun is very bright. The nice thing is I sleep absolutely amazing every single night because it actually cools off here! Even when its hot during the day, it cools off at night. 

This email is going to be a little shorter than normal because I have a bunch of pictures and stuff I want to send you so I want to make sure I have enough time to do that. 

About my companion, I absolutely love him. His name is Elder Vega.  He is from a state here in Mexico that is just a little more north than Mexico City. It is famous for it´s mummies and tombs and stuff so whenever he tells somebody where he is from they always make comments about that haha. It is kind of weird not to have a companion that is skinnier than my leg, but he is totally great.  He knows about 20 words in English haha. So here is something funny, he is the second of 4 brothers, and his older brother just happened to serve a mission in Peru. We also both happen to have a prom date who is now serving in Argentina on a mission.  They don't call it prom here, but it is the same thing. Crazy right? haha. 

The week has been going great! We haven't taught very many lessons because a ton of people are out of town.  They went to the port, or the city of Veracruz, to Carnival, but this week we have some good dates lined up so we will work extra hard to make up for it. 

This town of Huatusco is very relaxed haha. There were always drunk people everywhere in Carrillo but here it is very chill.

I can't remember if I told you that I am teaching myself how to speak Maya? I have a Book of Mormon in Mayan so I read it in English, Spanish and Maya every morning. I am trying to memorize scriptures in Maya but it is pretty hard so I only have one memorized really well right now.  It is 1 Nephi 5:3.  In Maya it says ¨Bey tún úchic in ma´ma´ u taqui´c u pól in tatao´.¨ Look it up in English haha. (Side note, very funny Elder S. Hackleman, "And after this manner of language had my mother complained against my father.") 

Thank you for the recipe of the brownies. A couple of the sisters here in the branch have husbands who are working in the US and they told their wives about these brownie things. They really want to learn how to make them so I told them if they teach me how to make something Mexican, I will teach them how to make my mom´s world famous brownies haha. We are going to make a branch activity out of it haha. So thanks for that! 

We have a tiny little branch. We had a pretty good number show up to church on Sunday though! I think there was about 28!

Anyways that is about it for me. I´ll send you a bunch of pictures though. I love you! Thank you for everything!!!! Tell the family te amo mucho para mi.

Elder Hackleman

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