Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I have the best Grandpa Ever!

My Graduation picture with my wonderful Grandparents

Just so you know, I get my sense of humor from my grandpa. Here is the email he sent me this week:

Dear Elder,

I've been seeing some of your recent pictures and have some grave concerns. Your weight loss is troubling and the UNP coach is really concerned. Those nose guards will throw you like a half full sack of Idaho potatoes. He is aware that making you a receiver is not an option. I'm wondering if all that energy you're expending growing hair could be the cause. I know that Samson got his strength from his long hair, but perhaps it works differently with Mormon missionaries. This is a topic you should discuss with your mission president. While you're talking with him you can mention that Straight No Chaser is going to be in Fort Collins and that you want a weekend pass to attend.

Hope all is well. Love you. Gramps

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