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Missionary Letters from Aug. 24, 2015, Re: Elder Christofferson

Hey mom!! that is so crazy, first of all, I refuse to believe that is Keaton. That is a devilish lie and please don't play with me. That kid is huge! What are they feeding him???? I miss the Laws so much! how are they doing in Arkansas??

Elder Hackleman was the only one missing from the Sidney neighborhood gang.
The Jacobsen's came all the way from Sidney for Jaren's open house.

It rained for the first hour, but then cleared up and turned into a lovely evening.


That is super cool the Jacobsen's came! I bet that was fun to see them again!

So this week I got to talk to Elder Christofferson. I said some of this to dad also but I want you to know:)

First off, Elder Christofferson was absolutely amazing. I was surprised to find out that even his wife speaks Spanish!!! It was about 4 hours of being blasted by the spirit!!! We all got to personally greet him and shake his hand. The entire time was dedicated to asking questions. He said so many things that were just truly amazing. Many people didn't even notice some of the things he mentioned. It was pretty sad because I was talking about some of the things he said afterwards and everybody was like whoa I didn't catch that! I was like, look when an apostle is talking, you have to look for every word he says because that is as good as scripture! For example one thing he was talking about how all of the signs of the second coming are being full-filled and then some. He mentioned how the Lord has taken two of our Apostles and is about to take a third. Apparently they aren't expecting Richard G Scott to make it to the next conference. He said that in these next few years, something is going to come to pass. He said it very discreetly and many people missed it but not me!!! I got every bit:) He also taught me quite a bit of deep doctrine just in the way he said things. Anyways, talking about the 3 apostles ya wanna know what I think? I have been studying the coming of Christ a ton lately and I have a theory. Obviously we know he will come very soon because the millennium has already started! It should have started in the year 2000 if my calculations are correct. Christ came in the meridian of times and he came almost 5000 years after Adam which means 2000 years more and we are in the 7th seal. We know a creation is only 7000 years so we are running out of time!!! My prediction has to do with the pattern that is happening right now. God is about to take the third apostle which means 3 younger ones will be called. When have we seen that before? You think these could be the three that will be killed in the streets of Jeruselam and be resurrected three days later?? Just a thought!

The testimony of Elder Christofferson sent chills down my back for about 2 hours. He testified of how Christ is the head of the Church and that He is leading it actively. Many people didn't catch that part either but it made me think that they probably just got done having a conference with our Savoir before he came to Mexico.

It was very interesting and I loved it so much! The best part was at the beginning. We all just got done shaking his hand and our Mission president spoke first. Then he got up and stood at the pulpit and everybody was dead silent just waiting to hear him talk. The first thing he did was have us stand up. Then he started dancing 'head shoulders knees and toes' until we all joined him haha. It was great.

This week has been really good!

In terms of baptisms this Saturday we will have another.

Love you mom! Keep sane!!! Tell everybody I pray for them!

Elder hackleman

On Mon, Aug 24, 2015 at 9:31 AM, Amy wrote:

How did your week go? Did you get to hear Elder Christopherson speak? Did you get any pictures?

Our week was one more crazy whirl wind getting everything ready for the open house on Saturday. All week the weather forecast predicted severe weather warnings for Saturday evening starting from 5:00 and extending to 9:00 p.m. Tim said we should plan on having the open house somewhere other than our backyard. I told him to pray for good weather, then just to have faith because we were having it in the back yard. We did take some furniture out of our living room to make room for crowds just to be on the safe side in the case that we would have to move it inside. It turns out we were both right. The rain did come down for about a half an hour so we moved inside, but then it cleared up and we went back out to a soggy but beautiful evening. We put a rug down on the ground for Chelsey to stand on so she didn't get her wedding dress wet.

The Jacobson's came all the way from Sidney. It was so good to see them. Andrew and Alex are both living together at UNK now and Austin is in swing choir. Nathan and Austin figured out they will both be at a competition together in Grand Island. It will be fun to see both Papio and Sidney competing at the same place.

The Law's came from Arkansas as well. It was great fun! Becky came over early on Saturday and helped with all the decorating. She saved my sanity by coming at just the right moment when I was so tired I didn't think I could get it all done. She is the best!

Becky also gave me a mother of the groom survival kit with all my favorite treats. She rocks!

Albany came over early and did Chelsey's hair for her. I don't know what we would do without such great friends!

Well, I can't wait to hear about your week.

I love you!


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