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April 12, 2015 Letters-Mexican Joke

A Mexican Magician says he will make himself disappear on the count of three- so he says "Uno, dos"... and then he's gone, without a tres.

Hey mami!! I laughed so hard when I heard that joke!!!! hahaha I would tell you another one, but the problem is I only know them in Spanish so they wouldn't make sense.... haha. Ask Jaren if he remembers my Jackie Chan joke haha. Anyways that is so crazy he is going to Utah valley!!! I never expected that one!! What is he going to study? Do they have a football team? That is too bad uncle Melvin died. He was doing pretty bad off wasn't he? That is cool Jaren will play the piano at the funeral Cortney can sing. I sang at our baptism we had this week haha. I will post pictures. I bet spring break is nice! Congrats on the A!!! Not that I am surprised though:) Us Hackleman's are smart cookies!!!! I am super happy about Grantish!!! Make sure he reads it all the time. I have made it a goal to read mine at least three times a week on my mission. I wish I would have read it more before because it really is inspired of God.

I had a really good week. This Sunday was one of my best Sundays in the mission. We had 10 investigators at church, a confirmation.  We put dates for 3 more people to get baptized next week, and 2 more for the following. It is kind of funny because my companion and I keep getting calls from the zone leaders and the district leader and stuff congratulating us on our hard work or whatever, and I just keep telling them don't thank us, thank the spirit. None of this would be possible without the power of the Holy Ghost.

So remember the baptism I mentioned and how last week I said the mom wouldn't go? Well I talked to her a little bit.  Then the day of the baptism came and the girl showed up by herself saying her mom didn't want to come. Then about 5 minutes before we left for the river, she showed up!!!!!!! I was sooooooooooooooo happy! Afterwards she was crying and apparently upset because she still didn't want her daughter to get baptized, but at least she was there. I know it will take some work, but she will warm up to it eventually.

I have some other stories to tell, but I want to tell them with the pictures so you can see it.

Love you!!! Keep the family strong!! Thank you for all you have done for us crazy hooligans of children! You are the best.

Elder Hackleman (the one and only)

On Sun, Apr 12, 2015 at 9:53 PM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

I have to start out with a joke I got from Bryun Decker.

Mexican Magician says he will make himself disappear on the count of three- so he says "Uno, dos"... and then he's gone, without a tres.
Just a little humor:)

How are you doing? Things are good around here. Jaren flew out on Wednesday to Grandma Karen's so he could spend some time with the grandparents. I'm sure your dad will tell the details so I won't give you two accounts of the same thing. Suffice to say, I am heading out Monday morning to pick him up. Then we will go to Utah. He is going to go to college at Utah Valley University. It is in the Provo/Orem area. Him and Jake are going to be roommates. Of course the fact that xxxxxxx is there is an added draw for him. We will go to Idaho and see the family then come back next Monday. Saturday is Uncle Melvin's funeral. He was Grandpa Howard's brother. The funeral is in Pocatello. Cortney is going to be singing at the funeral and Jaren is playing the piano for her.  They found a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace.

A week from Tuesday Jaren will start work at Decks decks and more decks. He will work the summer here and save up before starting school in the fall.

I have my spring break this week so I am so happy about that. I cannot express enough how happy I am to be done with math!

I did get an A in my class so that is good.

Grant had his patriarcle blessing tonight. What a wonderful experience that was.

Right now it is raining outside. I love hearing the stormy weather.

I sure love you. I especially love Monday's when I get to hear from you!


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