Friday, May 8, 2015

Baptism this week - 4-13-15

President Luna baptized this young lady on her 18th birthday.
She has been serving as the Young Women's President of our little Branch.
The only reason she was not baptized was her mother wouldn't allow it.
She had a strong testimony and taught the gospel lessons beautifully.
Now she is old enough to make the decision without her mothers permission.
Her dear mother did surprise us all and came to the baptism.

What a remarkable day!

Baptism by immersion, just like the Savior did.

This is pretty much our entire branch along with some investigators and friends too.

Words cannot express the wonderful spirit that always attends us at baptisms.
Tell Mrs. Renche I sang a solo.

What a perfect day!

I'm sure glad I got to be here for it.

I couldn't be any happier. Even if I were running in the winning touchdown at the super-bowl, full of screaming fans, it wouldn't be as great as this.

Elder Bowers and Elder Hackleman
Missionaries for
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Elder Hackleman

When we were on our way back, the son of Hermana Marisol fell asleep in the back of the truck with my suit jacket on. He was pretty tired and fell asleep standing up haha.

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