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Letter March 30, 2015 Jaren is Home!

Elder Jaren Hackleman Arrives Home From Peru

Holy cow, I have so many questions for Jaren! First of all, who the clank is Jake? That is so funny about Faye! I cant believe Nathan didn't take first at the ski festival! We always slaughter the competition! I have been thinking all week about Jaren and how weird it must be. I don't even know what I will do when I have to finish my mission. Luckily I still have some time so I don't have to worry about it haha. I am glad grandma grandpa and Jeff and Joe had a good time. Did they all leave? I totally want to see a picture of Jaren with his new suit and shoes! What kind of phone does he have? Is it weird for him to be able to text girls now? How is his schedule? Does he wake up at 6:30 every morning to study the scriptures? Does he always want to be with dad so that he is always with a companion? What are his plans? Sorry I have so many questions! I guess I am just worried that he is going to make me an uncle before I get home.... oh well. Why are you going to be on the road? Where you guys headed?

Ok so I totally forgot to send pictures last week so I will definitely do it right now. Esta parte es para mi hermanito chicíto. Mi compa, Elder Bowers, estudió en SVU antes su misíon. Él estudió derecho, y jugaba tenis jaja. Tiene una novia tambien en su misión de SVU. Ella está en California ahorita. Esta bien chistoso porque siempre hablamos acerca de ese universidad (gracias a usted, lo conozco muy bien.) esta cuáte jaja.

I still can´t believe my big bro is home! Have you guys gone to see the penguins at the zoo yet? What else have you done? does he love potatos now? How was Austins baptism?

Ok, a little about me. This week was pretty cool. we worked really hard. I think I have mentioned this about our area before, but we have a giant area. We have like 3 or 4 different pueblos, or towns in our area. We have to travel a ton by bus to visit them and it uses a lot of money. We also have to go to the big city of Córdoba every week for district class, (which is about $120 pesos each time for each person). We don't receive hardly any transport money, just enough to go to Cordoba, and that is it, so this week we talked to our zone leaders and later called the mission pres about getting a little more money so we don't have to take it out of our personal account all the time. He told us we weren´t allowed to work in the pueblos anymore so we wouldn't use as much money. The problem is that doesn't really help us because all the members live there. We have to go there just to eat, so if we are feeding ourselves, we are still going to need even more money. We were stressed out for a while, but obviously we are going to be obedient so we stopped going there. Then I had an idea that would save the church a ton of money AND we would be able to cover more area. I called the mission president, (his assistant answered), and told him my idea. I am trying to start a new district up here in the mountains. We are so far from everyone else that I am trying to get another companionship to work the pueblos and the other to work here in Huatusco. We would be our own district, so we wouldn't have to go to Cordoba every week, and we wouldn't have to use buses. I told the assistant, (who is friends with Lauren Gull haha), and he loved the idea. He said he would talk to President Cordova about it and see what they could do. I told him I would be willing to white wash the new area and he said, if the president likes the idea. We will probably find out this week if we are going to do it or not! I am kind of excited because those pueblos have SO MUCH WORK that needs to be done and it kills me not being able to work there.

Anyways, it was good to hear from you all! tell Nathan and Grant to keep good care of our older bro!

Love you all

Elder Hackleman

P.S. (for Jaren) I am keeping our streak alive. I should have about 7 baptisms in the month of April!!!

On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 7:10 AM, Amy wrote:

Well, it has been a whirlwind of a week. I am sitting here folding clothes listening to Jaren and Nathan play the piano and sing. It sure touches my heart.

Yesterday Jaren did such a good job with his talk. He also helped teach combined young men and young women along with Jake. It was a missionary day all the way around.

After church we had a ward pot luck dinner. It was very well attended. Even the xxxxxxx's came. They have not been to church since you left. In fact they have asked that no one contact them anymore or come over at all. They have been slamming the door on anyone attempting to visit them. The only one who can still get in is Brother Kenny. He told them about the dinner, so that softened them enough to bring themselves to church. They didn't go to church but just came in time for the food. We sat on the far end of the cultural center at the table with the Duarte's and Ayalla's. Jaren and Jake were having a great time talking Spanish with them. Anyway, all of the sudden XXXX made a b-line for our table and ran up to Jaren and sat on his lap and started talking up a storm with him. Of course he was in shock and didn't have a clue who she was. Finally I figured out she thought he was you. I told her you were Jaren's brother. She then proceeded to talk all about you. One of the only people in the church she actually likes ha ha. The whole thing was so funny. He thought he only had ladies trying to kiss and sit on his lap in Peru. Nope, you get it right here in Omaha as well!

Nathan's choir had a great time on the ski trip. They ended up taking 2nd place in the competition. He learned how to ski and really enjoyed it. At times he went a little too fast and got out of control and ended up on harder runs than he should have been on, but all in all had a great time.

Grant is so funny. The first day Jaren got home, he was sitting there telling us all stories and Grant sat right behind him. While Jaren was talking he kept patting him on the head. I think he was just making sure he was real. It was so cute.

Grandma and Grandpa were pretty emotional. They spent a lot of time talking to Jaren about their missionaries in Colorado.

Jeff and Joe had a good time. We took Jaren shopping because he didn't have a single thing that fit him. Even though he had a lot of clothes in different sizes from when he lived here, his body build has changed so much that none of it fit him. His upper legs actually have some meat on them now. Before he left he had such skinny legs and butt. I think if you and he were together right now you would be very similar body builds, except you are still larger in the chest area, although Jaren has gotten a lot bigger than he used to be. From his pictures he always looked so small but in reality he is pretty large in stature like a true Hackleman ha ha.

His suit had tears and holes in it and was completely worn out and those darn shoes are so holy they must have been wearing blisters in his feet. He is looking sharp now. He got a new suit that is similar to your color and a pair of maroon dress shoes. It is an impressive look ha ha.

Well, I sure love you! Tell me all about your Oregon companion. We love to hear about the companions. Boy Jaren's comp Jake is a keeper. He fit right in around here. He could be just another one of the brothers.

Chelsey gets here on Saturday. Last Sunday we found out her mother died in a car crash. She has been handling all the arrangements for that. What a bad week for her. She is in Florida right now. The funeral was yesterday and she played the piano and sang at it. She is amazing.

Can't wait to hear from you. We will be on the road today, but of course will be checking in on our emails:)


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