Friday, May 8, 2015

April 6, 2015, Pictures from Mexico

It's a good thing I have good friends to help me stay in shape.
Tell my football coach at Peru State not to worry, I will be ready to play when I get back from Mexico!

We went up to the Virgin Mary statue again to show my new companion.
This is José. He is our best friend! (He is not a member, "YET")
Man I am short compared to these two.

Us posing as we look out over Huatusco haha

"Central Park" of Huatusco
I don't know how I could love my mission any more.
Life it good!

I did divisions with the district leader, Elder Rodriguez.
We got that big sandwich, hot dogs, and hamburgers for dinner.
We ate like kings! haha.
It is tradition to do that on divisions.
Just ask Jaren. I'm sure he knows.

This is a closeup picture of our feast.
Did I mention how much I love it in Mexico?

This is a "potluck groupie" I took in-between sessions of conference.
Super fun!

This is of our future little missionaries of the branch.
So cool!

Just a nightmare
There are only two things in the world that really, really make my blood crawl, spiders and getting shots.
I did have to get a lot of shots to go on a mission, but at least that is behind me, for now anyway, but the darn spiders. Oh, how I hate spiders!!!

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