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April 6, 2015 Letters from Elder Hackleman

This was taken in the Sacred Grove, New York

Grant watching Conference

A little football action between sessions of conference.

Dog pile on Chelsey!

Niagara Falls

Kirtland, Ohio
Yes, Jaren is wearing Seth's Jacket.
That's what happens when brothers are away:)

Visitors Center

Nathan, Jaren and Grant in the Sacred Grove

Those pictures are so cool!!! First of all, JAREN YOU ARE WEARING MY JACKET! second of all, that looks more like a dog pile on xxxxxxx than a dog pile on Jaren! but hey, if they are going to get married, because that was definitely the theme of conference. The whole time I was thinking dang, Jaren is totally going to make me an uncle after this. Do your best to slow him down though! I want to be there for my first nephew´s birth! Although I understand if he doesn't want to wait:)), She might as well know how crazy we are right?? That is so cool that you went to Niagara Falls though! I bet that was super pretty!

We watched conference in English. Our mission president likes us to watch it in our native language, (if we can), so that we don't miss anything, but it was cool because we watched the two speakers who gave the talk in Spanish in Spanish. That was very cool! I absolutely loved conference and the whole time was thinking about how Jaren must have been feeling about all those talks about marriage with xxxxxxx right there! Haha does he have a ring picked out yet?

That is too bad about Nathan. Is it from when he was running around right afterwards or is this just normal? I bet you are so excited to be in your last math class!!!!! You have to admit though, looking back, I bet you learned a ton!! So what are the plans for this week? Speaking of plans, I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN AN ANSWER ABOUT JAREN. Peru State? or no Peru State?

The work is going great here! We are going to have a baptism. I know that baptism is for everyone equally, but I think that she deserves baptism a little more equally than anyone else. She is 17 years old and has been going to church by herself for a year and a half.  She lives in a little town about 45 minutes away and rides with the branch president every Sunday. She hasn't been able to get baptized before, because her mom is very against the church and wouldn't give permission. She turns 18 this week and can sign her own form, so she wants to get baptized on her birthday this Friday! She is so good. She even has an assignment in the branch as the young women's president, even though she isn't a member, because it is a small branch.  She was the best person for the job and teaches every Sunday. The branch president went to her moms house this week to invite her to her daughters baptism, and she said she didn't want anything to do with it. Sadly, to me, it shows the faith of this girl, and also shows me how eternally thankful I am that I have parents who not only support me, but are the right EXAMPLE for me in this gospel. I am super excited for her. We also have some more baptisms planned for next week. Lots of work, which makes me SO happy!!!

As for the new district idea, we still haven't heard anything more from President. We most likely won't until the end of this change on the 27th of April.

Anyways, give me a few minutes and I will send some pictures! I can't remember which ones I have already sent so, sorry if I send some more than once.

Te amo mucho mamá

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 9:10 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

How are you doing? How was your week? Did you watch conference in Spanish or English? What did they decide about the new area you were suggesting? What was your favorite talk in conference? What would you say is the overall theme of conference?

We had a great trip to Palmyra, Kirtland, and Nauvoo. We sure did a lot of traveling in a weeks time. We even went to Niagara Falls. My phone charger stopped working and I thought my phone was broken. It wasn't until I got home that I figured it out, so I didn't get a lot of pictures. Everyone else took plenty, so I will send some pictures as soon as I glean them from the fam.

XXXXX is here. She and Jaren seem to really be hitting it off. She leaves tomorrow and she didn't get here until Saturday evening so it is a quick visit, but they talk and text all the time when she isn't here so I guess they know each other pretty well.

Her sister is getting married on Saturday and her brother is getting married in two weeks, so she has a lot on her plate right now, especially since her mother just died in a car accident.

Nathan has been having trouble with his wisdom teeth extraction. For a couple of weeks now he has been in pain but it got really bad while we were on our trip. We called Brother Stanley, the oral surgeon from our ward, and he guessed the dry socket must be infected. He ended up calling in an prescription for us to pick up at a Walgreens on our drive. I think it has helped but he is still not 100 percent yet. Brother Stanley said he might need to go in and extract the infection. Poor guy. We need to let the antibiotic do it's thing until tomorrow and if he is still in a lot of pain then he might need to get opened back up again. Nathan has a high tolerance to pain and he doesn't complain much, but this has really taken a toll on him. Even while he was on his trip to Colorado with the choir his mouth was hurting. That didn't stop him from having a good time however.

I am in my last week of math class. Yeah! It can't get over soon enough. The last two weeks were the worst of all because I didn't have the time to put in since we were hosting company and traveling but luckily Jaren was able to tutor me and get me through. I can't wait to have Algebra behind me!

I sure love you!

Love mom

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