Friday, May 8, 2015

Photos From Mexico, March 30, 2015

Here is our district picture. Notice how much taller the elders are? haha

On the Roof

All of us on the roof. Me (Elder Hackleman), Elder cortez and my companion

Elder Hackleman with the beautiful peak of Orisaba behind me.

My favorite zone leader ever Elder Cortez from Argentina and I on the roof. We had a little photo shoot one morning when he came out for divisions.

Elder Hackleman on the Roof

There is a park right next to our house. We had a HUGE storm this week. It destroyed tons of trees and houses. Honestly I felt like I was back in Nebraska with that wind. At first I was very sad because Satan was trying to slow down the work, (we had to go in our house for a couple hours to wait out the storm), but then I realized I needed to change my way of thinking and thank God for sending us the storm. When we left the house, I told my comp we are going to forget all of our plans and just go look for people to serve. We spent the rest of the day chopping fallen trees with machetes and helping people clean up. It was amazing!

We ate with the branch president this Sunday. He made us this fish. They take the whole fish and fry it. You eat all of it but the bones. Head, scales, fins, everything.

This isn't a great picture because I started eating it but I found a place that sells tamales for 5 pesos!
That is like less than a quarter! Sooooooooooooooo good!

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