Monday, June 13, 2016

Earthquake during the week of March 23, 2016

So we were in our house studying in the morning when we suddenly heard like cracking coming from the other room. We thought somebody had walked into our house so we got up to go look. When we walked in we saw the floor just start raising up... seriously. All on its own. As you can see we have tile in our house. the tile started bubbling up and started cracking and breaking! We felt like our floor was going to cave in! (We live on the second floor). Seriously we started freaking out! but we waited to freak out until after a got a wicked cool video on my camera of me pretending to lift up the tile using the force. Seriously it just started raising like a couple of inches off the ground... so we walked to our dueƱa, (sorry I can´t remember how to say that in English... I guess it would just be the owner of the house), and told her. and she was like oh yeah don´t worry that sometimes happens. We were all what???? That is totally not normal! Anyways, she sent a guy in to tear up the tile and replace it. In my next pictures, you will see the mess he made.

So when we got back from working that day, we came to a half finished project and dust everywhere. Literally everything in our house was covered in a blanket of dust. These were my beautiful scriptures, but hey, at least our house didn´t cave in!

Thick dust everywhere!

Anyways, this week went super well. Our family is finally ready for baptism! Actually they were ready a week ago, but we made the decision to wait a little bit longer for commandment reasons. But now they are super, super strong! In fact the mom is already preaching the gospel to her neighbors and inviting us over for family home evenings and stuff and she isn´t even technically a member yet! The best part of their conversion story is how much help we have been getting from the ward. 

Everybody has helped her out so much so that she feels right at home in church! She sells hamburgers and hot dogs in the street for a living and she has been having a hard time keeping the Sabbath day holy. The problem is Sundays are the days she sells the most so she doesn´t want to give it up. Well God gave her a pretty strong testimony about that commandment. After we taught it to her, the next week she barely sold anything on Sunday. Then the following week she sold nothing. So after that she was like o.k. yeah I know this is real now! I will close from now on! But that week she was really worried because she didn´t earn much money. I mentioned it to the bishop and that night he went with his wife, all of his councilors and a few other brothers of the church and they all went and bought food from her! It was so cool. She was so thankful! Also we have a psychologist in our ward. She invited them over because one of the daughters is really struggling in school. So the psychologist had them over and talked with the mom and the daughter about things they can do so she improves in school! The mom came back crying because of how much she helped them! That was super amazing also! Anyways, a long story short, the ward has totally pulled through on this one! It makes the work sooooooooo much easier when we don´t have to do everything by ourselves! She will get baptized on Friday:) Super pumped!

This week was pretty normal again. (I mean normalish haha). We had a few special changes that are always stressful because of sister missionaries crying not wanting to leave their areas and such but apart from that, it went well! We sadly had to take a sister missionary home. She suffered from depression.

Hmm... I am trying to think of what else happened this week... haha. Honestly we are just preparing for these next couple of weeks. The 8th of May, we will be getting the visit of another general authority. I have been working on different survey type questions he sent president, my comp, and I to fill out. Normal questions like what we think the strong point in the mission is, the weak point, what the hardest part is, average number of baptisms, retention percentages and that kind of stuff! We are pretty excited to have him! He requested a special meeting with just the president and us if there is time before we take him to all of the zone conferences so that should be cool!

Anyways, I am loving life! Pretty crazy my number of weeks left is now in the single digits! Ugh!!!!!

I love you mommy:) You are the best mom I have ever had:)

Elder Hackleman

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