Monday, June 13, 2016

Elder Hackelman loves pineapple juice in Mexico! 4-9-16

Elder Hackleman driking nector that fell from heaven.

When comparing the pineapple in Hawaii with the pineapple in Mexico, I have to be honest, I would choose Mexcio's every day of the week.

Hello beloved mother of mine:) Did you get back from Idaho ok? Sin ningun problema? How was it with Grandma Polly? This week I don´t have many pictures so I will attach them to the bottom of this letter:) So I absolutely loved the Missionary Suberbowl this week. Especially Pres Uchtdorfs talk! Although, I had to repent afterwards. When I was listening to his talk, I had to put Mosiah 3:19 into practice because I started thinking I would prove him wrong! I immediately started thinking to myself, self??? You CAN find the perfect wife, and she WILL want to marry you! haha. So when I do, I guess I will send president Uchtdorf a tweet saying I didn´t fall into peer pressure! haha:)

Anyways, the picture I attached was one of me drinking nectar that fell from heaven. We have an area in the mission called Ciudad Isla. It is FAMOUS for its pineapple. In fact, comparing it with the pineapple from Hawaii, I can´t lie, it is better down here. Anyways, whenever we have zone conferences, the missionaries that are there know that there only responsibility is to bring president Cordova and i a jug of their world famous pineapple juice. They never disappoint:)

This week was the official transfer week... and i think i am still trying to recover... haha. Sunday night was definitely the hardest. It was the first all nighter i have pulled in the mission! We were up until about 1 am doing some last minute changes to the transfer board before we announced everything early in the morning. But then we had to take the leaving generation to the airport by 2 am so they could cath their flight at 4 am. then the NEW generation that came in, got their at the airport at 6 am. after that we have to give them the Welcome to the Mission training session and assign them to their trainers. and then we had to do all the normal transfer stuff. anyways, that probably doesn´t sound like it is that intense... but believe me. it was. so i didn´t sleep very much this week. Last night i slept so good though! I feel like superman again!:) It was pretty awesome to see the Lord help me out this week. Especially when the heat wave came through... Sometimes i felt like i was just floating along haha. But now i am in the sweet air conditioned heaven that is the offices, so i am enjoying the moment:)

So how is life in Omaha? Anything interesting happen? How was the family in Idaho? I sure do love you!
Elder Hackleman

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