Monday, June 13, 2016

Letter from Elder Hackleman 4-16-16

Hello my beloved mother! How beith thou? So let me just start out by saying I only have 10 weeks left:( And that means I have to send in some pictures so that the secretary can make the presentation he makes for each generation that goes home.... booo!:(( that makes me so sad. Anyways, I need three pictures from before the mission. Could you take a looksie and choose a bunch of them and send them to me so I can choose some? I think I definitely want the t-ball one. Thanks mommy!

Anyways, my week has been really great! We are working hard and should be having a couple of baptisms next week! Pretty excited about that! Honestly I don´t really have anything new... haha this week was just kind of normal. I didn´t even take pictures! I am sorry. I know I failed! But anyways, how did the baby reveal go last week? You never sent me any pictures!

Hey I was wondering, what ever happened to the Hadley's? I was looking at my blog and I saw pictures with Hanna and I was like clank! I miss that girl!

Anyways, today will be a pretty normal day also. Honestly the only thing that was somewhat exciting this week was I went to the airport a lot haha. Honestly this was the most I have ever gone in one week before! I went like 6 times!

So how is life in Nebraska? What has been going on lately? Anything new??

I sure do love you! Sorry this email is so short and boring! I can´t wait to hear from you though:)

The little puppy of one of our investigator families died this week... it was a pretty sad moment for them! It was a good excuse to teach the plan of salvation though:)

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