Monday, June 13, 2016

Lot's of my Cousins had babies while I've been in Mexico!

Kylnn is Kristen's new baby

Grandma Polly and I visited Collin at work.

Grandma Polly's new digs!

Sophie was being shy and didn't want to be in the picture.

Ky and Natalie love Kristen's kids!

Zerrick is getting so big.

Kasey stopped by while I was at Pollyanna's house.

Kimber had a new little baby a couple of days before I arrived.

This is Kira's little tike.

Kylynn makes me smile!

Macey's cutie!

Grandma Polly has a lot of grandchildren!

Grandma Polly wanted to go to the zoo with that fun son of mine.  She doesn't remember names anymore but she does remember events.  I ended up taking her to the zoo in Pocatello.  It's not quite like Omaha zoo, but we had fun anyway.

I finally got Sophie to be in a picture, only on the condition that she hide behind her favorite picture.

Dear Mom,

That is so awesome! At least you didn´t have to sleep in a ditch like Jaren did right? haha. So I did not get transferred haha. I guess it is still possible because the actual transfers are on Monday, but it is looking like I will stay for one more change haha:) So you went out to stay with grandma, or just to take her to Omaha?

This week was pretty crazy. We finished up zone conferences, but then we had leadership council with all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders.  I feel like I am always doing some sort of leadership training which is great! I love doing it! This week we have the newbies coming in again so I will get to do that one. I don´t think a single week has gone by where I haven´t had to do one actually! I have been taking "classes" from president Cordova:) I have been having him teach me all of his techniques that he used to teach as the Mexico President of Institute. It surprised him because he was teaching me some techniques the other day, and then the following day I used them in the leadership council. Afterwards he was like you made that look so natural, as if I hadn´t just barely taught you that! haha. I really love that man. I have so much respect for him it isn´t even funny.

Anyways, I am SOOOOO excited for conference. We are going to watch it here in the offices:) I bought some snacks and goodies and we are just going to have a little mini super bowl party:) It is weird how much my love for conference has grown. I guess it is something about how we get to listen to a prophet of God that gets me a little excited:)

Well I hope you have a safe flight! Tell grandma that Amy´s fun son from the zoo loves her to death!:)

Elder Hackleman

On Sat, Apr 2, 2016 at 7:35 AM, Amy wrote:

Well I am currently on a shuttle bus heading to the airport. I flew to Idaho to visit with mom. My flight back has an overnight layover in Denver so I spent the night with your grandma and caught a shuttle from the Loveland airport. I can't wait to be home. Here I am holding kimbers new little baby.

So what's happening with you? Did you get transferred?

I love you tons!


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