Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Mexico Mission had a visit from Elder Fallabela

Elder Hackleman gets to meet Elder Fallabela!

Hey mommy!  So this week was super crazy. we had the visit of elder Fallabela!! It was so awesome! i attached a picture we took afterwards! i am standing right behind him. honestly it was really great. When he got to the church, president called me and told me to go outside to help him carry some stuff in. i got a few other elders to help me and as we were walking outside, ELder Fallabela got out of the car. everyone kind of stopped all awkwardly like, oh freak! what do i do! how are we supposed to act around a general authority! they kind of stopped walking. i was like clankers! so i walked right up to him, shook his hand and gave him a hug. (That may be kind of weird in the states, but that is a very standard greeting in latin american countries to greet with a hug haha.) He was like, "You must be elder Hackleman! Your president was talking about you the whole ride up here!" haha. so that kind of broke the ice. then he asked to meet with the 6 zone leaders that were present at the conference, an hour before it started. so we all went into a little room at the back of the church. he started asking questions about strengths and weaknesses our zones had. once again everybody was super shy. i was like he obviously wants answers if he asked the question! so i started talking with him a whole bunch about things i felt we needed to get better at. the best part was, once i broke the ice, everyone else started talking and participating. so after the first couple of minutes, i didn`t have to talk anymore! i could just sit back and listen! anyways, we learned some really awesome things from him.

i sure do love you mom! tell the family hello for me!
ELder Hackleman

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