Monday, June 13, 2016

Elder Hackleman's Sewing Skills Need Help!

I thought I would start off with yet another Elder Hackleman master piece. Sadly, my backpack ripped again... I am not sure why the stitching I gave it last time did not seem to hold!, but don´t worry this time I did it extra well. In fact, you may be able to see it in the background of the picture, I even added a little something called Kola Loka!!! It is the Mexican equivalent of Gorilla glue!!! That sucker aint goin anywhere!!!! Sometimes I wonder where I get my talents... and then I remember that I must be like a direct descendant of Adam or something because I feel like a boss when I finish stuff like this.

Ok the pride train has left. Just wanted to share this awesome picture. Please note, this entire letter is nothing but sarcasm. I'm a terrible seamster!

Hey mom! i have no idea why that happened in our house to be honest! and yeah i heard about the explosion... moms of missionaries have been calling in allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll week! "Is my son ok????" haha that didn´t even happen within our mission boundaries that was in the Mission Villa Hermosa. that is waaaaay south of here. but yeah that is too bad...

The General authority will be Elder Falabella!

Wow that is awesome about Nathans ACT! Congratulate him big time for me! he killed it! he will be able to receive so many scholarships with that score! Also i really hope he gets that job.

And for Grantish that is really cool that coach olsen offered him my number! i can´t believe he still remembers me haha. But tell grant to play what he loves, but that if he is always willing to play where the coach needs him, then he will become a starter super quick! good for him for working so hard! I love my little buddies!

I am so proud of them for helping out so much with the young men. they will be great missionaries!

I don´t know who xxxxxx is... i would probably recognize a picture. But you know me! i was on facebook like every day of my life. NOT! haha i don´t even remember who my friends are! that is cool though! actually the uncle of one of my buddies from papio south is the head coach so that wouldn´t surprise me if he was there.

I love the idea of the walls by the way! it looks like concrete! haha i will feel right at home when i get back because that is how all the walls here are!!

Keep sending me more pictures of the progress!

I sure do love you all! i am super proud of my little bros

On Sat, Apr 23, 2016 at 10:04 AM, Amy wrote:

ok, so today is a wonderful day. We have stake conference this evening and tomorrow your dad is speaking at stake conference. He went tot he church first thing this morning to set up chairs and then he came home and took Grant to the Ford's to mow the lawn. The exciting part of the day is we are going to the spring football game at Peru State. I am so excited! Oh, by the way, I saw on Sidney's facebook page that Dalton Schilz signed to play football for Peru state. I also saw that you are friends with him on Facebook. I can't think of who that is, but obviously you know him. There are a few Papio south kids on the team as well. I'm not sure who, because Jaren can't remember. We will try to scout it out today.

So I have been working on a remodel project in our house so it will be all spiffed up when you get home. When I was in Idaho I fell in love with Grandma Polly's room in the facility she is in. The wall texture was so cool. I looked at it real close and thought to myself, self, I could do that. It looks like a wall in a castle. I have been thinking about it ever since and decided to give it a try. Yesterday I bought a gallon of plaster and started slathering it up on the wall to make big splotches. After covering the entire wall, I painted over it with grey paint. I am switching from burnt orange to greys and purples. I know it sounds weird, but I think it is going to turn out nicely. It is only half way done right now, but I will take a picture and send it to you:)

Love Mom

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