Monday, March 28, 2016

Then and Now

Elder Hackleman at the beginning of his Mission

Elder Hackleman when first called to be AP

Hello Mommsmie!!! Let me just start off by saying I Love you:) Like normal, I have been pondering a ton this week about life, and I once again came to the conclusion that my mom is the best one on earth. I don´t know how I got so lucky to have her, but I am dang clankin thankful I do!:) Ok now that is out of the way, How is life???? What is going on in Nebraksaville? How did Nathan´s show choir competition go??? Do you have another one this week?  What are you guys going to do today? Sorry for so many questions! It seems like I haven´t seen you guys in person for over 20 months!!! haha:)

Who is Nathan´s dance partner?

I am doing great down here! We have been doing zone conferences all week but we finally finished them. We did them in Tuxtepec which was my very first zone! It was pretty crazy because while I was standing up there doing my part of the training session, I randomly had a flashback, not gunna lie, kinda felt like Shawn from Psych of 2 Christmases ago. 

Almost 2 years ago, I was standing in the EXACT same spot as a brand new missionary. I had been asked in my very first zone conference to share my testimony before the zone did a special musical number. As I stood there nervously trying to share the things I know to be true in my broken Spanish, I remembered looking out at all the faces of the missionaries who had so much more time than me, thinking "this whole mission thing might just kill me." Haha. Anyways, after that, one of the zone leaders came up to me and said "Dude I know you are like brand new, but I am predicting it right now, you will be the Assistant some day." I thought, YEAH RIGHT! Anyways, after many months of learning, growing, and teaching, I was once again standing in that exact same spot, having fulfilled the prophecy of my ex zone leader Elder Rodriguez haha. It was kind of an emotional moment for me. After the zone conference, on the ride back, we were all talking about how it went and sister Cordova asked me a question that kind of caught me off guard.  She asked,  Elder Hackleman, do you like being assistant?? I said yeah I love it! But it was such a surprise when president called me! I never expected or wanted to be the assistant. I just always worked as hard as I could without expecting assignments. President then piped in and said, "Yeah that is pretty much how your entire life will be. That is how callings in the church are. When you least expect them. He said that the first time he was called as stake president, everybody was telling him it would be him and he was like Nah I just want to be a gospel doctrines teacher!" Short story long, we had a good time laughing:)

Well, I sure do love you! I hope all is well in Nebraska! Tell everyone I love them!
Oh and what are the plans for the family reunion this year? The 4th is on a Monday right? So how is that all going to go down? I am pretty excited to see everyone, not gunna lie:)

Te amo mas de la vida misma!
Elder Hackleman

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