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Cold Front in Mexico. It's down to 85 degrees. Time to bring out the winter coats - Oct. 19, 2015

Baptism This Week!

This sweet lady is golden. She drinks 4 cups of coffee a day and the minute we taught her the word of wisdom she dropped it cold turkey. She has a ton of cancer pretty much her entire body. One time we were in a lesson and she started telling us how bad her legs hurt. I offered to give her a blessing and she accepted. The minute I took my hands off of her head, she said `no tengo dolor` or I don't have any pain. It was incredible. She is like my grandma in the mission haha. She always makes us empanadas to eat when we go to her house! Pretty much a fried piece of the celestial kingdom on the earth haha!

Rooftop in Mexico!

Life in Mexico!

I found a cool little lagoon!
I thought I would take a quick pic:)

Another pic from the rooftop.

I am sooooo excited that you guys are helping out so much in the missionary work. Especially Grant! that is so good he is getting used to it now. It will help him so much when he is keeping the Hackleman family record of baptisms going! Him and Nathan both! Jaren told me that when I started my mission:) he was like look you need to know that as Hackleman's, we baptize! No other way! So keep the streak going!

That is really really cool. They seem like some solid investigators!! Who are the missionaries in the ward right now?? It turns out my companion has a cousin or something serving in Nebraska! That would be funny if he was there!

Life here is going really well. the cold and rainy season has FINALLY kicked in. It is so nice to finally see everybody wearing coats and jackets now that the temperature has dropped so low. It does slow down the work a little. It is so cold that people don't want to open the door. Personally I don't know what everyone is complaining about. I am just happy this 85 degree weather is finally below 110! haha this is paradaise for me! haha:) Who knows how long this 'cold front' will last though... :)

How is life going in Nebraskaland? I still cant believe Jaren is going to Peru State! I told you I put in a good word to my coach right? I don't think their will be any problem!!! When does Tyler graduate?

Let me just put an idea in your head. This will be better than the Kruegar brothers:)


Pretty sweet right? haha.

I sure love you! keep fighting the good fight! Just remember! Christ is almost here:)

Elder Hackleman

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 8:20 AM, Amy  wrote:

Dear Elder,

Grant and his best friend Karon

What a week we have had. There is a guy that has been coming to church for the past month or so. He makes awesome comments during Sunday school and I can tell he is very sincere. Last week I went out with the sister missionaries and I asked them about him. His name is Ken. They met him at a gas station. He actually came up to them and started asking about the church. They have been teaching him. Apparently he has a young teen-aged son who has not sat in on the lessons but has come with his dad to Panera when he was getting the lessons and then sat at a different table. I suggested we have the two of them over to our house for family home evening and a lesson. The missionaries weren't sure how old he was but thought he was about 13. Maybe in Jr. High. I said, not to worry, Grant is just a little older. We set it up for last Monday. Nathan had to work so it was just your dad, Grant, your dad and I along with the sister missionaries and Ken and his son Karon. The sisters needed a ride to our house. It was all lined up for 7:00 pm. Well, they told Ken 6:30 and us 7:00 so I left the house at 6:25 to go pick the sisters up and Ken and Karon got to our house at 6:30. By the time we got back at 7:00 Tim, Grant, Karon and Ken had had a half an hour to get to know each other. When we walked in it was like they were long lost friends. It turns out Karon is 14, a freshman in high school and plays football. Not only that, we figured out they were the team we would be playing the very next day, and to make it even crazier, they would be lining up on either side of the ball. They were both A and B team players who only went in occasionally on A team.

The lesson went really well. Karon was very receptive and Grant talked more than I have ever seen him talk during a lesson. After they left Grant said, "I just met my new best friend."

During the Tuesday game, Ken didn't get off work until half the game was over and your dad teaches that night so he wasn't even there. Karon plays for Omaha Central. The game was held at their Jr. High school. At this particular facility, the team was bused in and they walked past those of us who were sitting in the stands when they entered the stadium. They got there late so they walked in just a few minutes before the game started. As they were walking down the steps, Karon spotted me sitting in the crowd and game me a very big wave. It was awesome! Everyone on his team was trying to figure out why he was waving at a Titan fan. All the Titan fans were trying to figure out why I was waving at an Omaha Central player.

Anyway, during the game Grant and Karon actually got in at the same time for one play and yes they did line up against each other. The play ran on the other side of the field so they both were off the hook to have to go into any real combat, but it was still awesome.

When the game was over, our coach usually talks to the team for quite a while on the field, but on this occasion, they immediately started heading for the buses. In fact both teams did and the buses were right next to each other. I asked Ken if he thought Karon would be willing to get a picture before he got on the bus and I would go and grab Grant.

Both Grant and Karon were excited to talk after the game and really excited to get their picture taken together. As I was snapping the picture I realized we were causing a huge scene. Both teams were watching it all go down. In fact I heard a bunch of the Titan kids saying, hey look, Grant is getting a picture with the enemy. Ken told me later when Karon got on the bus everyone was shoving him around and giving him a hard time for having a friend on the opposite team. Don't worry, Karon is as big as Grant, both some of the bigger guys on the team, not to mention he is like by all, so it was all in fun. His personality is like a mirror of Grant.

After the picture Ken and Karon both said they would see us in church on Sunday.

During Sacrament meeting we were sitting there just after the Sacrament was passed and Nick Hettinger came walking into the meeting. He walked right over to Grant and said, come out to the hall, and then kept walking. Grant couldn't figure out what that was about, but I told him Nick wouldn't have come in if it wasn't important, so I told him to go. Grant went out in the the hall and came right back in with Karon and Ken. They were sitting in the foyer and didn't know for sure what to do since they were late. I posted a picture of Grant and Karon on Facebook and Nick had seen it, so he figured out they were with us and helped them to find us.

They stayed for all three meetings and had a wonderful time. The whole things is absolutely amazing!

What are the chances of two boys, the same age, the same disposition, meeting on one day and playing against each other the very next day. All the stars that needed to align just right for it all to happen the way it did. There was definitely some divine intervention.

How are things in your neck of the woods?

Jaren and Chelsey are really going to be heading this way. I can't even imagine watching my two boys play football together! I was talking to Joel earlier in the week and told him Tyler should send film to Peru State as well. Maybe it can be three of you together ha ha.

I sure love you!


One more story from Mexico:

I have done things super... direct to get people to keep the commandments. One time I was like, "will you keep the word of wisdom?" and they were like, "I will try as soon as I finish the coffee I have,"so I grabbed it off the table, put it in my back pack and said, well now you don't have any, so now will you live it? They were like I guess so! They got baptized 2 weeks later:) When was Christ ever timid?

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