Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I Love to See The Temple, I Went There Today!

Hey mom! Guess what! We are going to have a baptism today! I thought I would shoot this message off really quick with a couple of photos. I got to go to the temple with my comp this week for a sealing of some past investigators! Greastest moment of my life! Here are some pictures outside of the temple we took while we were waiting. I had to take them with my comps camera because I still don't know what to do with mine. oh well!

On Fri, Dec 18, 2015 at 5:21 PM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

Christmas is fast approaching. I can't wait to talk to you! Things are going great around here. Just our regular busy holiday stuff. I made 25 cheese cakes and puppy chow for gifts for your dad to give to all the people who work for him.

Grant is having a video party at our house tonight. This should be interesting ha ha. Nathan is of course working at BB&B.

So the national volleyball championship games are held here in Omaha. We tried to get OTC's tickets for the final four games yesterday but so did every other employee ha ha. It was a sold out crowd and the tickets were going for big bucks. Man Nebraskans love sports. Nebraska volleyball is starting to be kind of like their football program. They have had a ton of games in a row sold out for volleyball. It has the best fan base in the country. I recorded the game and just finished watching it. Nebraska won, so they will be playing for the national championship on Saturday. We tried once again to get the OTC tickets but they were grabbed quickly. The game is already sold out with the exception of a few VIP tickets still available but they are going for $200 bucks a piece. As I was watching the warm ups they were introducing the starting line-up and three of the starters are from Papio South. Of course there are the twins towers and they are called, but their setter is also from Papio. That's pretty amazing. We were playing against Kansas and they had a player on their team who is from Lincoln. Nebraska is certainly a power house when it come to volleyball.

I love sports so much. I can't believe you and Jaren are going to be playing on the same clancking football team. Nathan said during weights yesterday coach Olsen asked how you were doing on your mission and when you were getting home. Nathan loves to talk about you so that is good. Did I mention he gave a talk in church on Sunday. He talked about you in his talk and he said you were coming home in April. He slipped and said the wrong month under pressure. As soon as he got finished with his talk he realized what he had said. Everyone was coming up to us after church asking why you were coming home early. It was pretty funny and caused quite a stir. We quickly corrected his mistake ha ha.

I can't remember if I told you that BYU and Utah are playing each other on Saturday in the bowl game held in Las Vegas. This is going to be quite the rivalry. I hope Vegas is ready for some craziness. This will be coach Mendenhaul's last game at the Y. He transferred somewhere else, I can't remember where. They don't have a new coach to replace him. They tried to recruit the guy who coaches for the Navy team that was featured on Meet the Mormons but he turned it down.

Well, I better go start getting snacks ready for Grant's party tonight. We are still trying to figure out what Nathan's work schedule for next week is. He should find out at work today and I will write you in the morning to figure out the best time to skype:)

I sure love you!

Love mom

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