Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Favorite Hot Sauce

This is my favorite hot sauce in Mexico.
Can you see if they sell it in the states?
If they don't, I will need to stock up before I come back home.

Grantish! As we say here in Mexico, "Que padre that you got to speak at your buddies baptism!" Está bien genial! I am glad you liked that story! Just so you know Danny was our ward mission leader who returned home from his mission like 2 years ago. His little brother was the 16 year old who baptized him, but oh well! That part isn't important! Hey so I need you to do me a huge very important favor. If you like hot sauce I need you to look for one for me. If it doesn't exist in the US I will have to bring a couple bottles home with me. It is the food from the Celestial Kingdom, also. I have attached a picture of it. It is called VALENTINA. It is made in Guadalajara! See if they sell it in Walmart for me little buddy! You will like it a lot! It isn't too spicy but tastes yummy!!!! Please put those tiny fingers to good use while you still can, because one day you might be bigger and taller than me! (ha just kidding;)

On Sat, Dec 12, 2015 at 1:55 Grant wrote:

Hey bra how's life in the heaven of food? Your never going to believe it I'm in the hot sauce stage. So Karon's baptism was today and guess who baptized him... ok it wasn't me but I gave a talk that made bishop get a tear in his eye, not because of how good my talk was but because I told the story of you and the dad that didn't want to get baptized until you came around.

Sorry that's all I got today cause I need to help dad fix the oven cause I have small fingers and all:)

Love you bro,
I hope food heaven is going good for you
G-man Hack-Attack

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