Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mexico Temple at Night

Every time I get the chance, I take more pictures of the temple!
I totally love it at night!

I love Mexico! Oh, sorry for yelling.

This is one of our district leaders in our zone. We did divisions with them this week. The darker one reminds me of Dustin! He is just like him but he is from Brazil haha.

My companion and I holding our assistant to the president. His name is Elder Espinoza. He has been my best friend since I got to the mission! He is about to go home though:(

I found a place that sells burgers that ALMOST taste like American ones! haha

            I am turning in to quite a good picture poser... every time I hear the click of a camera I instantly look dramatically off into the distance in a very naturally looking pose while preparing the guacamole for dinner!

Hey mom! Those pictures are so awesome! My favorite is the one with Jaren holding out his ring in the circle of the guys! That one is priceless!!!!!!!!!! I could not stop laughing! That is sooo cool Tanner got to be there! 

I am super excited for Ken. Even though I don't really know him, I have been praying for him. It fills my soul with joy every time another child of God opens the windows of heaven to receive the promised blessings of a priesthood performed baptism. That is super awesome about Joel! He is such a good guy mom. Seriously my eyes have been opened a lot on my mission. 

My story for today is about this guy that we found. He is American! He works for Mountain Dew and does all the sporting events like the super bowl, world series, everything. He came down last year for a festival here in Veracruz and got this lady pregnant that lives here in our ward. Well when he found out he was going to have a baby, he came back down to marry her and take her and his new family back to the states. We are helping them get married. The girlfriend really really wants him to get baptized so we have been teaching him a little. He doesn't speak a word of Spanish so we help them out a lot. It reopened my eyes at how prideful we can be as Americans and how some people just don't have love for the family. It kind of made me sad because I don't want people to think we are all like that,which is why it makes me so happy that Joel is doing stuff like this and going out of his way to make somebody else's life better. Tell him thanks for me!

I will get back on later to respond. We are going to the aquarium so I am sure I will have more pics later! love you all!

ELder Hackleman

On Mon, Nov 2, 2015 at 7:38 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

We had a great week. The lesson with Grant's friend went well. His father is getting baptized on Saturday, November 7th and his friend Karon agreed to baptism as soon as he gets through all of the lessons. They both came to church again on Sunday. The father, Ken, had his baptismal interview right after church and it was done by a member of the mission presidency. That's pretty cool. I have never heard of that before.

Saturday was Halloween. Grant had Bruen Decker over. They were going to scare some of the tricker treaters, but they never really did. They are both too nice to seem scary ha ha. Then a few friends from the ward also came over and they built a bomb fire in the back yard. Nathan had to work but went to a friends house after work to watch a movie.

I found out that Joel's official foster parent paperwork has finally gone through. They are officially permenant foster parents to that boy who has been living with them since Jaren's wedding. He has been taking the missionary lessons and will be getting baptized on Saturday as well. That's pretty cool. As you can see by the picture he fits in well with Tyler and Beau.

So how has your week gone?

We are finally getting some of Jaren's professional pictures trickling in. I will send in a separate email.

I love you!

Love mom

Jaren's Wedding

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