Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Little House on the Prairie Gingerbread House

Little House on the Prairie Gingerbread House

Remember the Little House episode with the honey bees?

Little House on the Prairie Farm House

Hey mom!!!! That is so awesome they got to have that experience!!! It seems like it was over a year ago that I was in the MTC... oh yeah, it was. haha.

That is so cool! I love the gingerbread house!

I am now in a new area. I got special changes and came as Zone Leader to the best zone in the mission. Everybody wants to come to this one. In fact, the last 8 APs came from this zone. I think President favors it a little haha. It has been going great. My first day here, we had a zone conference with President Cordova. My first day as zone leader and I was in charge of giving an hour long capacitation. (I think that is how you say it in English). It turned out pretty great! In fact President Cordovas wife said it was the best she had seen! That was sure nice of her. Needless to say I am pretty excited to be here. There is a TON of work, which obviously makes me happy:) I hope I can be an instrument in the Lord's hands in bringing TONS of Alma's unto Christ in this area. I mean souls. I didn't realize I typed 'Alma' until after so I just left it haha oops!

Anyways, all is well! I have pictures but the clanking computer won't let me send them! para la próxima entonces!

Les quiero mucho!!
Elder hackleman

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 10:10 AM, Amy wrote:

Don't forget it's your dad's birthday on Wed.

Dear Elder,

What a week we have had. Grant once again had two football games, one on Tuesday and one on Wed. Then Thursday immediately following school Nathan and Grant packed up and I took them to the church to meet the rest of the young men on the stake to get on a chartered bus bound for Salt Lake. They drove all night Thursday night and arrived in Provo early Friday morning. They went to a gym where they showered and dressed in polo's and dress pants. Then they spent Friday touring all over. They went to BYU, the MTC, and on to Salt Lake for a temple square tour. One of the previous Mission President's of the MTC talked to them in a conference room at the Joseph Smith memorial building. They ate picnic lunches in parks. Then Friday night they checked into their hotel. They slept 5 to a room. The room assignments were made so that the boys would be rooming with young men from other wards so they could get to know people outside of their wards. Saturday morning they ate breakfast at the hotel, then headed for the Conference center. They had enough tickets to get into the Saturday morning conference session. After conference, they once again went to a park and ate a sandwich and then went back to the conference center to see if they could make it into another session. They were able to get into Saturday afternoon session as well, although Nathan was with Brother Ipson cleaning up after the luncheon so they were in a separate vehicle and by the time they got there the place was almost filled up so he ended up in the upper level.

Then, more park and sandwiches and back to temple square for the priesthood session. They went to the priesthood session in the old tabernacle. After that they went back to the hotel and crashed. Sunday, they were up early, had breakfast at the hotel and then they headed back to Nebraska. The bus had satellite tv so they were able to watch conference on the ride home. Since it was Sunday and they were watching conference, they had the boys dress nicely for the drive home as well.

They arrived home at 11:45 p.m. Sunday evening.

I guess the bus ride was pretty noise and Nathan and Grant weren't able to hear conference as well as they would have liked. The first thing Nathan said to me when he got off the bus was, did you record conference? Of course I did. He said, oh good, because I want to re-watch the Sunday sessions.

What a spiritual weekend they were able to be a part of. I let them sleep in this morning because they didn't get much sleep the entire weekend. Nathan said he had about 8 hours of sleep since he left on Thursday.

Jaren and Chelsey went to the Sunday afternoon session of conference. I guess the Silers and The Joel Beck boys were both at the priesthood session of conference, but that is the one session Nathan and Grant were at the tabernacle so they didn't get to see them.

Your dad and I had a nice weekend. We went to work assembling a large gingerbread display for the trail center. We are making the little house on the prairie farm.

It is still a work in progress, but this is the first time I have watched all the sessions of conference and never got the least bit sleepy since I was busy listening and working:)

How has your week been?

I sure love you!


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