Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My New Companion is a Professional Dancer!

My new companion is awesome! He is from Ecuador. He was a famous dancer before his mission! His name is Elder Rodriguez. His first name is Jairo I think.  He has one of the strongest testimonies I know! He is 26 years old, and got baptized like 2 years ago. He made a TON of money dancing for companies like Pepsi and Coke and stuff and gave it all up to come on a mission. He is amazing!

He said go for it when I asked him if I could add his links to my blog! He is on the left and comes to the front like 10 seconds in or something. I am sending you links but I haven't seen the videos since we don't go on the internet while on missions other than to email.

I love the guy!

His family disowned him when he left on the mission.

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