Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Email on a Saturday? What is going on? - November 7, 2015 Grandpa Howard's Birthday

Don't Freak Out!

Ok so you may be wondering "why in the name of clank am I receiving an email from my son on Saturday?" Most people might think that an accident has occurred. Well don´t worry. It isn't anything serious. In fact I should be leaving the hospital anytime now!! Just kidding:) Well, I got a call from President Cordova. He told me that the next day, (Tuesday), we would have a leadership training meeting for all the zone leaders, but that I had to bring my luggage because I had special changes. AGAIN:(What???!  I was only a Zone Leader and in my last area for 5 weeks! He didn't tell me where I was going or anything, so when I showed up and to the leadership council he decided to announce all the special changes he was doing, there where quite a few. He saved me for last and finally announced that I would be his knew... yep! you guessed it! Assistant to the President. I'm not sure why, but oh well! haha. So we have p-days on Saturday so that we can visit people on Mondays. So that was pretty nuts and I have been traveling all over the mission this week doing zone conferences! Pretty good stuff.

So mom, I was thinking about what you asked me last week about my Christmas present... I absolutely HATE doing this, but I might need to ask for money. I really didn't want you guys to send me anything, but the thing is... i kind of need a new suit. I was going to just try and get through the rest of my mission with the one I had, but first of all it is huge on me, even though I have had it tailored like 3 times, it is still super baggy on me. Second of all, it has ripped really bad again... and I think this time I wont be able to get it mended. It can only be mended so many times! I was going to try and just get through, because I pretty much only use it on Sundays, but now that I am AP I have to wear a suit almost all the time. We do so many zone conferences and stuff, and we go get the new missionaries from the airport, take the old one that are going home, lots of stuff like that.  I always have to wear a suit for... what are the chances of getting a suit for Christmas? The good news is, suits are way cheaper here in Mexico!

All is good on health! I am getting along with my new companion. He is from Brazil! His name is Elder Ribeiro.

So that has been my week. I would send you pictures, but I am on the drive. Maybe I will send you some pictures when I get back to the offices. I love you!!!!

I figured out what my talent is as a missionary.  I am really good at welcoming in the new missionaries.  I make people feel like they have just arrived to the Celestial kingdom, because for heavens sake, missions are awesome and so is Mexico, so enjoy it!

I still remember my first night here. All us missionaries piled into presidents mini van! All 16 of us and we weren't a small group! President was talking about that with me a lot today haha. He said we are his most memorable generation:) haha. We were all singing and having a great time. President thought it was the funniest thing he had ever seen. We were all so happy. We had been at the mtc together. We were all brothers!  I feel that it is important to enjoy the journey so I work my hardest to help teach that to the new missionaries as they come in.
Elder Hackleman

P.S. Oh and don't think I forgot about your clanking birthday! I tried to get permission from president to call you Wednesday but he didn't let me:) haha

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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