Saturday, December 5, 2015

Missionary in Mexico

I had a couple more baptisms! I got to go back to my last area to attend the baptism of a mom and daughter I taught. It was awesome:)

Today I have my first official p-day. It feels weird because I am not sure what to do with this free time! haha. Oh well. The week went really well. We are working on the changes and stuff right now and so I have been helping president put people where they need to go. I love doing changes. The process is very interesting. You wouldn't believe how much goes into it!

It is really cool getting to know President Cordova's family too. He has the best kids. I only speak in English with them. President told me they need some help. The younger one actually speaks pretty good! I also give them piano lessons on occasion:)

Life is good here! I hope all is well in Nebraska! I know this letter is short, but I will be on and off the computer pretty much all day so I will be able to respond more.

Love you Mommie
Elder Hackleman

Hey mom! That is crazy. I am trying to think about what I would say to Nathan if he were here right now... I just have so much! First of all, that makes me super happy that he is excited for me to come home. I thought given our rocky past, he was loving his time without me there. I had a dream the other night about me getting off the plane. I had bought him a gift here in Mexico right before I boarded my flight and I was super excited to give it to him. I remember feeling guilty because I wasn't even that excited to see the rest of my family, I was just super pumped to give my gift to Nathan. When I got off the plane he wasn't even there. That was a little heart breaking. I am really excited for him to come visit me in college too! I remember when I got to do that with Jaren and it was the greatest thing ever! I felt like I was on the top of the world. I want to give that to Nathan too. I am proud of him for working so hard in show choir! Tell him to keep it up, and when I get back, he will have to teach me his backflip!

When I skype home on Christmas, I will teach Nathan Doctrine & Covenants 4 in Spanish. We will see if he wants to learn that:) haha.

PS I almost died when I read "Oh For Tuna" haha.

I bet you guys are super excited to go to grandmas! Grandpa said he might order crab-cakes! I am not sure if that was supposed to be a surprise haha.

Love you

On Sat, Nov 21, 2015 at 12:45 PM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

I am still trying to get used to p-day being on Saturday. It was the weirdest thing, this morning I saw a post that Emily Smith is getting home from her mission in February. Can you believe it. Wow, that went fast ha ha.

I went out with the missionaries on Wed. night and we were able to get an appointment with a new investigator family to come back on Monday night.

This week has been a very busy one for me as far as the Relief Society goes. A lot of service opportunities.

Our little house on the prairie display and our back to the future display are being talked about. I even saw a post on facebook where someone posted the back to the future gingerbread. Kind of cool. It officially started yesterday. I posted something about going to see the gingerbread and listening to live music performances. Afterwards I got a message from one of the local missionaries who works in the trail center and they told me that no-one had signed up this year to do any performances. I immediately sent a text to Nathan and asked him to coordinate with his show choir friends to go to the trail center on Sunday to sing Christmas carols. Then I called the trail center to book them. They are the first people booked this season. We are going to have them come over on Sunday right after church and we will put together some songs then drive to the trail center to sing them. Should be fun! Malary Burton has agreed to play the piano for us.

Nathan is still at Bed Bath and Beyond but he absolutely hates it. Every single day he wants to quit. That of course is not an acceptable answer for us, so we are basically forcing him to go to work each day. He does have next week off, so no Black Friday work for him. We already had our trip planned to Denver before he even got his job so he told them that up front. The bishop asked the youth to all memorize Doctrine & Covenants section 4. He gave them a month or two and then promised them a breakfast at his house for everyone who was able to accomplish it. The breakfast was for this morning so last night was the last day the boys had to get it memorized. Grant got it done but Nathan didn't:(

Nathan told me this week he is so excited for when you get home. He brings it up a lot. He can't wait to go stay the night with you in your dorm room.

Grant and your dad are outside right now putting up the Christmas lights for me.

We had a great stake conference last week with an area authority. I talked with the Temple president and once again he asked about you and told me to give you a big hello from him. He loves you so much and can't wait to hear all about your mission when you get back. He is so funny because everyone wants to talk to him after the Saturday leadership training meeting and he is so kind and polite, even to me and your dad, until he remembers who I am. Once he remembers I am your mom, his entire countenance changes, he gets excited and starts talking real animated. I'm sure he thought you and your friends were a bunch of thugs up to no good that night you showed up late at night to the temple.  When he found out you were just wanting to spend time on temple grounds it left an impression on him:)

Sister Derrick asked your dad about you on Sunday as well.

Anyway, after stake conference I went to the Omaha symphony to see Papio sing with them. They performed the Handel Messiah. I've got to be honest, it wasn't as good as "Oh for Tuna" in my opinion. Our new choir director forgot to teach Papio two of the songs, one of which was the closing number. How do you forget to teach a song? Our choir was by far the largest choir, so it really was sort of a let down for me. I'm sure he will be fine he is still just getting used to the new job.  

Nathan said show choir is going good. He is working on mastering his back flip so he can add that into the show.

So we are heading out to Colorado in the morning on Wed. Jaren and Chelsey are meeting us there. I sure hope the roads are good. It will be nice to get away for a little break from the regular routines.

I sure love you. Your dad will write you as soon as he and Grant get the lights up:)


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