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A Visiting Teacher is...

Wow that sounds awesome!!!! Now I know where I get my public speaking abilities from!! (Check out dad´s email for news on my talk on Sunday haha). That sounds awesome!!! I bet the missionaries in our ward absolutely LOVE you! Sometimes it makes me wonder what it would be like to be a missionary in a ward with somebody that excited to help in, "The Work". I am not saying it is the ONLY way to be a good missionary, but being excited and animated all the time has gotten me this far in the mission, so it must be worth it! Look at all the success you are having too! That is so awesome:)

So how are the Laws doing? I haven´t heard from them in a while.

I would like to read those quotes btw:) if you have them:) i love seeing your projects:)

So what are you guys up to today??? How did it go at the zoo a couple weeks ago?

I have been doing great here. We have a bunch of people that we are teaching and should have quite a few baptisms by the end of the month.  I am hoping for at least 3 or 4. This week we did divisions with Elder Bowers (my comp from Huatusco) and Elder Gonzalez.  He was the elder I knew from my very first area. He is awesome. We got a bunch of work done and had some great laughs along the way:) Today I am going to do a surprise attack on an area that is struggling. My companion and I are going to go drop in and see if we can pick things up a little bit:) It will only be for like an hour or two so I should be back later in the afternoon. Actually I don´t think we will leave until like 1 or 2.

How is life going in Nebraskaville???? I hope all is well! I sure do love you! I am so thankful I have such a stud for a mom that totally kills it en la obra misional!

Elder Hackleman

On Sat, Mar 5, 2016 at 8:52 AM, Amy wrote:

Dear Elder,

What is new in your neck of the woods? How was your week and how are you feeling?

I realized that we are always running and jumping through hoops working on accomplishing all that we need to do in a week. No matter what there is always more to do ha ha. I am having a special women's conference on Sunday during Relief Society. We are having the men take over all the primary and the stake will be teaching the young women. We coordinated this so we can have all of the women together during third hour of church. We will be in the cultural hall. I have been preparing for a over a month, but this week I have redoubled my efforts so all my ducks are in a row. I'm hoping to have a very spiritual experience. It will be about moving forward our missionary challenges through visiting teaching.

We are starting out watching a video produced by the church about the benefits of Relief Society. We will have 5 tables set up in the room with cards showing what district each person is in. I will be teaching the lesson, which is not really a lesson. This week I have been thinking a lot about the time you were getting a missionary companion and you stood up and shouted for joy and showed a lot of animation. Sometimes I think we need to break things up a bit and be a little more energetic so that is what I plan on doing. The gospel is a wonderful thing that does not need to be talked about in hushed tones. We need to get excited and motivated. The meeting is going to be sort of like speed dating, only their will be other action items every time the buzzer goes off.

During this meeting we will be doing a lot of moving around from station to station. The first thing the sisters will do after an introduction and short video is get up and find the table of their district. They will be given a stack of items. Each item will have something they need to "DO". First and foremost they will be given their visiting teaching route. We have quite a few new sisters in the ward, and there are some ladies who serve in primary who don't know anyone. I will tell them what to do in steps. The first action item will be to find their visiting teaching companion, go and find a seat next to each other and talk for 2 minutes getting to know one another. They can discuss things such as the best ways to contact each other, via text, phone calls etc. After the 2 minutes are up I will sound a buzzer and let them know it is time to move on to the 2nd action item. In the stack they were given they will have some really cool cards. Between the two companions they will write a note to the sisters they visit teach. The cards have an awesome Mormon meme on the front and a challenge on the inside. I attached a picture of the meme on the card. I'll explain that part in a second. Anyway, each companionship will then fill out a personalized message for the sisters they visit. After 5 minutes or so, I will ring a buzzer to indicate the time is up.

The next phase will be each of the visiting teachers to go around the room and find the sisters they visit teach. Introduce themselves, talk about schedules etc. Then give their cards. Oh, we also have cards for the visiting teachers to fill out that they will add to the envelope that has contact information on it.

We Are Your
Visiting teachers
Call us Anytime

We will let the getting to know you conversations go on for the next 5 to 8 minutes or so. I will ring the buzzer again and show another video, this one is about visiting teachers. I will then do some training on how to be a visiting teacher.

We will have a basket in the front of the room. After everyone is finished giving out their cards, any sisters who are not at church, will need the envelopes filled out and ready to mail. Once that is done they can each drop their card in the basket and we will mail them out for them.

The next step in the training is to teach the best way to report visiting teaching. All of the sisters will be asked to report their visiting teaching within 48 hours. On Tuesday evening we will calculate all those who have reported their visiting teaching and find out who is the winning district. The winning district will be rewarded generously during our Relief Society dinner which will be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Ideally, we will have %100 percent visiting teaching by the 8th of the month.

The inside of the cards that will be given out and mailed out is our ward mission challenge for the month of March, which happens to be, service. See below the March Challenge.

The final item each sister will have in their stash is a little gift box I will ask them not to open until the very end of the meeting. In the gift box is a challenge for each sister in the ward. As you can see there is a pattern here. I am calling for all hands on deck, and calling the ward to action. In the box is 18 quotes attached with a clip. I will ask them to ponderize on one quote a week. I will invite them to place them on the mirror of their bathroom where they can look at it every single day. I will send the ponderizing quotes in a separate email if you would like me to, but suffice it to say, they are all inspirational ways to be a good visiting teacher. If there are sisters at the meeting who are not visiting teachers or are not members, I will still ask them to participate, but to pick a couple of people to serve, could be neighbors, or friends or family members.

Anyway, I am hoping for good things. I will let you know how it goes. One thing for sure, I am going to have to be one huge motivational speaker to pull this whole thing off ha ha. Wish me luck:) Love Mom

March Challenge

Offer Someone Compassion;

You’ll Probably Need Some Later

Spend at least 1 hour during March volunteering.

To find service opportunities visit:

Type in your zip code to browse the local programs that are looking for volunteers

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