Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What does a missionary do on his 20th birthday? Service of Course! With a Little Fun Thrown In For Good Measure!

So this is what we did for my birthday!!!:) 

I was thinking to myself Self??? I want to do yardwork today!!! 

So we found a little old lady who was trying to cut some branches on some trees by herself and I was like Clank, we should be helping that little old lady!! 

She was a little hesitant at first. Mexican women are VERY self reliant when it comes to letting a man do their work, for example they will never let you wash the dishes haha, but I find ways around that. You know me. I can sell ice to an African! Wait... how does that phrase go again? 

Anyways, I just grabbed the machete out of her hand, for more than one reason I might add... haha, and started hacking away! She was quickly impressed when she started seeing the Donald Duck shaped hedge I started to carve out of her hedges! It turned out to look a little more like Mashed Potatoes, but I got an E for Effort!!!

Haha seriously though I got soooo dirty:) and sweaty:) I pretty much destroyed that shirt. The good news is, by the time we got finished, I only had a couple of battle scars! #GreatestBirthdayPartyEver!!!!!

I really did enjoy it:) It has been a while since I got to have some fun with a machete:)

Then we go by our investigators house that night, after we got cleaned up from the yardwork:) and she had thrown me a little birthday party! It was awesome! She bought this little cake and everything!!! I love this family:)

This is the little daughter of our investigator who bought me my cake:)
She loves it when I do magic tricks with coins haha:)

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